Call the doctor: Britain’s favourite alien celebrates 60 years

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Six decades ago, a curious alien arrived on Earth with a mission – to save us from the dangers we didn’t even know existed.

Battling monsters from our nightmares, creatures from other planets and even home-grown villains, the resourceful Doctor Who was an unlikely hero who became the star of the world’s longest-running science fiction television series and a genuine pop culture icon.

Doctor Who celebrates 60 years!

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To mark Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary, a three-part special will see the return of one of the most popular actors to have played The Doctor, David Tennant, and formidable companion Donna (Catherine Tate), as well as the introduction of Ncuti Gatwa (Sex Education), who is set to take over the coveted role in 2024. Here’s what Whovians can expect from the specials.

The Star Beast

In the first special, The Doctor finds himself with an old face (David’s) and an old companion, but how or why is a mystery that will have to wait when an alien named Beep The Meep (voiced by Miriam Margolyes) crashes to Earth.

Is Meep in need of help or has The Doctor just met one of the most lethal creatures in the universe?

Doctor Who is releasing three special episodes.

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Wild Blue Yonder

In what has been teased by producers as one of the most terrifying episodes of the series ever created and with almost every shot using visual effects, The Doctor faces an unnamed peril so dangerous even The TARDIS abandons him to face the battle alone.

Just what the danger is remains one of the most closely guarded secrets of the specials.

The Giggle

In the third special, The Doctor faces one of his most troublesome foes, The Celestial Toymaker (Neil Patrick Harris), a villain who battled the first ever Doctor but disappeared 57 years ago.

Even more interesting for fans is that this story will be David’s final appearance and the first of Ncuti as The Doctor.

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