Why everyone is talking about Daniel Sloss’ Netflix comedy special

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If you like your comedy to be in-your-face with classically delivered punchlines, then this is not the show for you. But if you like cynicism, dark humour and a touch of gob-smacking reality, then Daniel Sloss: Live Shows is exactly what you need to binge-watch tonight.

In the first episode of the Netflix comedy capsule, the aptly named Dark, Daniel covers everything from his relationship with his parents, to his thoughts on religion, to the reality of death. I can’t go about spoiling things, but let’s just say this routine is expertly crafted for a big, shock, reveal.

Though Dark is equally funny and impressive, it’s the second episode, Jigsaw, that’s really got people talking.

In Jigsaw, Sloss tackles puzzling relationships with brutal honesty and – according to his social media tally – that honesty has caused over 10,000 couples to break up, not to mention 40 cancelled engagements and 54 divorces. And the special has only been streaming on Netflix since mid-September.

“It wasn’t meant to break couples up,” Daniel told U.S. late night host Conan O’Brien of the special. “It was an accidental by-product but I would be lying if I said I hadn’t enjoyed every second of it.”

So, how has a comedy special managed to end thousands of relationships?

Well, Daniel has a part of the routine that compares life and relationships to – you guessed it – jigsaws. If you’re in a bad relationship, this part of the show will speak volumes to you, and if you’re single, you’ll want to stay that way forever. Or, at least, for a while.

“I am very aware that this is not a particularly funny part of the show,” Daniel says to his audience. “Every time I’ve done this routine my agent is just like ‘Can you drop the f—ing sad bit?'”

But, hey, there’s no point in me telling you what the show is about, just go watch it… if you think your relationship can handle it.

Daniel Sloss has broken up a jaw-dropping 10,000 couples.

Naturally, Daniel’s unique style of comedy and the subsequent fall-out (see: break-up tally) has lots of people talking on Twitter.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on Daniel’s break-up tally… and we’ll be sure to show the episodes to all potential dates in the future.

Daniel Sloss: Live Shows is currently streaming on Netflix.

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