Battle of the co-stars: The surprising Aussie celebs who didn’t always see eye to eye

You never know what's going on behind closed doors.
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Entertainment is a competitive business, so it shouldn’t be surprising that there might be a few, er, disagreements between stars.

Of course, no one would ever know – any given breakfast or radio show in Australia is all smiles, friendly banter and seamless chemistry.

But behind closed doors, there’s a lot more going on. Keep scrolling for the Australian co-stars who haven’t always seen eye to eye.

Dave Hughes & Ed Kavalee

Radio’s notoriously difficult breakfast slot is at risk once again, with two of its biggest stars apparently at loggerheads.

According to a source, 2Day FM’s The Morning Crew‘s Dave Hughes and Ed Kavalee are struggling to work together, with their previous tensions amplified since being made to relocate to Sydney and work under the same roof.

“Dave and Ed were forced together when Kate [Langbroek] went to Italy with her family,” a well-placed source tells Woman’s Day.

“Hughsey was hoping Kate would return to his side when she came back, but she decided to move on to other projects, leaving him stuck with Ed.”

Is there trouble at 2Day?

(Image: 2Day FM)

The source adds that Hughsey, 50, has never really gelled with Ed, 41 – adding that sometimes it could feel as if they can’t stand each other – but has continued to try to make the partnership work, especially as so much is riding on their new breakfast show, which they host alongside Erin Molan, 38, after the timeslot has struggled to find an audience.

While it remains to be seen what Hughsey and Ed’s dynamic will bring to the embattled station, producers working in the studios of 2Day FM are well-versed on how to deal with co-host turmoil.

Previous breakfast hosts Wendy Harmer and Peter Moon were known to despise each other in their heyday, and Em Rusciano and Harley Breen’s beef got so bad that Em walked out of the studio while on air!

Kerri-Anne Kennerley and Gordon Elliott

While they made a great team on Good Morning Australia, tensions were always high on set between Kerri-Anne Kennerley and Gordon Elliott, 64.

Never one to back down, KAK, 67, gave as good as she got from her male counterpart and the two would often fight for the best stories.

Good Morning Australia was also not without some tension.

(Network Ten)

Denise Drysdale and Daryl Somers

Sometimes two Aussie icons on one show is just too much.

That was certainly the case with Denise Drysdale and Daryl Somers on Hey Hey It’s Saturday!

Denise, 72, was let go from the show in 1989 after she received more laughs than host Daryl, 69.

Talking to the media in 2007, Denise reflected on her short stint, saying things were icy on set because she “didn’t seem to gel with Daryl off-camera”.

Hey Hey It’s Saturday! featured two very big names as its hosts.

(Channel Nine)

David Koch and Sam Armytage

Rumours of a rift between Sunrise hosts David Koch and Sam Armytage have been the stuff of breakfast TV legend since Mel Doyle left the show in 2013.

It was said Kochie, 65, felt a sense of loyalty to the woman who had been by his side and while he put on a united front alongside Sam, 44, for the next eight years, tongues were sent wagging again this year after he was noticeably absent from Sam’s farewell party.

Sam recently admitted to unfollowing people on social media who “annoy or irritate” her – and she no longer follows Kochie.

Sam no longer follows Koch on social media.

(Channel Seven)

Jessica Rowe and Ron Wilson

There was a lot of contention on Ten News At Five in the early 2000s after Jessica Rowe, 50, was told she couldn’t alternate with co-anchor Ron Wilson, 66, to read the main news story because of their genders.

“I figured I had paid my dues [but they said], ‘No, because Ron’s a man and you’re a woman’,” she detailed in her 2015 biography Is This My Beautiful Life?.

“I was gobsmacked to have my boss articulate it so bluntly,” she added.

Jess and Ron read the news in the early 2000.

Lisa Wilkinson and Karl Stefanovic

During their time on Today, it’s believed Lisa Wilkinson, 61, became jealous of the attention her co-host Karl Stefanovic, 46, was receiving – particularly after his status began growing in 2013.

The on-set tensions led to Lisa walking off the show for 45 minutes when Karl allegedly made a joke she didn’t appreciate. The two are said to be no longer talking to each other since Lisa’s swift exit from Nine to Ten’s The Project.

Karl and Lisa’s tensions were no secret.

(Channel Nine)

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