Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin had a mini H20: Just Add Water reunion and their cheeky nod to the show was perfection

Still besties all these years on.
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If you love all things nostalgia and reliving your hey-day we’re here to make your day.

Remember H20: Just Add Water, the Aussie family show about three teens turned secret mermaids?

Well, two of the three main stars, who also happen to be some of our most successful acting exports, Claire Holt and Phoebe Tonkin just reunited.

And you can bet it was glorious.

Taking to Instagram, both Phoebe and Claire shared a series of sunshiny snaps from a boast in Miami.

Further appeasing our nostalgic dreams, Claire very appropriately chose an H20-inspired captioned for the pics.

“Don’t worry we won’t fall in,” the 32-year-old wrote.

Claire and Phoebe have remained close friends since their time on the local show where they first met at just 16 and 15-years-old respectively.

In a wonderful twist of events, both actresses ended up landing roles on The Vampire Diaries and its spin-off series, The Originals, after moving overseas to further their careers.

Phoebe opened up about her long-running friendship with Claire and both working on the hit series at a fan event in 2014.

From the GC to LA, both actresses landed roles in The Vampire Diaries.


“Claire was, like, the first person obviously that I told [about landing the part of Hayley],” she explained at the time.

“I was 15 years old when I met Claire; she was 16. We were both in the Gold Coast, for years. And then, when I moved to L.A., I actually stayed on Claire’s couch when I was auditioning. And she was like, ‘This is the local coffee place.’ She really showed me the ropes of Los Angeles.”

Phoebe recently appeared in Aussie series, Bloom.


Phoebe recently starred in Stan Original, Bloom, alongside Ryan Corr and Jacki Weaver.

Speaking to TV WEEK the 31-year-old admitted she believed it was some of her best work yet.

“I think people in Australia will get to see me in a different light,” Phoebe said.

“I think everyone pigeonholed me as a sort of kid actor. But I’ve finally been able to do things, sign onto things I believe in, that challenge me and that have brought me to places I want to go.”

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