Married At First Sight: Cheryl shares her side of the story

“My family thought I would be bringing John to the homestay.”

The confrontation between Cheryl’s dad Hamish and her partner Andrew on Married At First Sight was difficult to watch. It was even harder for Cheryl to live through.

“I was a bit anxious to walk in with Andrew,” the 25-year-old tells TV WEEK. “My family thought I would be bringing John to the homestays.”

While Cheryl was prepared for her father to ask some tough questions, she also knew that introducing a new man wouldn’t necessarily go down smoothly.

“I knew dad would give John a grilling,” she explains. “But walking in with another guy I knew it was going to be a bit more intense.

“I didn’t really know how he would take the news. He probably thought it would just be a joke,” Cheryl adds.

If it was a joke, Andrew wasn’t laughing. Hamish took an instant dislike to the 38-year-old firefighter from Perth.

Though she was expecting some curve balls, the level of confrontation between the two men clearly shocked Cheryl.

“Dad gets along with all my friends, but initially I knew he would want to know his (Andrew’s) intentions with me,” she says.

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