EXCLUSIVE: Casey Donovan slams rumours voting was rigged

There's no doubt she worked hard for her I'm A Celeb win, which is why Casey has these stern words for trolls claiming it was all staged.
Casey Donovan

She was crowned Queen of the Jungle on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! last night but Casey Donovan was greeted by some interesting rumours as she exited the jungle.

Yep, NW had a chat to the champion about the fact some fans had said the show’s votes were rigged, after her win was reportedly announced early on New Zealand television before airing Down Under.

Casey wasn’t having a bar of the rumours voting was corrupted!

What do you say to rumours that voting on the show was rigged?

I would say [makes fart noise]. You stay six weeks in the bloody jungle and see how you feel about it!

Look, no I was as shocked as those trolls may be. It was such an experience and to be standing there next to Dane and Natty, it just made everything so worthwhile. I thought Daneo had it in the bag. So I was shocked [that I won]. I thought I’d be out in the first week.

Were there moments were you wanted to, well, get out of there then?

Definitely. The two trials I didn’t go through, they really tested my limits and my mental capacity to think, “Oh s—, since I haven’t done this maybe I’m not worthy of doing these things.”

I did think it’s time to go. It was really hard for me and to deal with all the conversations that were going on in my head and that I couldn’t run away from anything.

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Including all the drama that unfolded, we bet!

At first it kind of freaked me out and I kind of just exited stage left and got out of there but by the end it was kind of watching your favourite TV show [laughs].

Sometimes it was just so off the cuff you were like, “Where did that actually come from?” But I would just be sitting there laughing at some points. Great entertainment.

Which campmates drama shocked you the most?

Definitely the Tom and Lisa saga.

Now, someone you did get along with was the gorgeous Kris Smith and you guys are planning to meet up. Have you set a date yet?

We haven’t set a date, I haven’t spoken to him since I’ve been out. But I’m sure as soon as I get back to Sydney we’ll catch up and it’ll be really nice.

I asked if we could walk in our camp boots but he politely declined and said he’ll never put those things on again. It’ll be fun and why not walk along a nice path with a nice, handsome gentleman?

Get ready to see Kris and Casey on the Bondi to Coogee track.

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