Carrie Bickmore reveals private heartbreak

''I know this is not goodbye, just goodbye for now.''
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After 13 years at the helm of The Project, Carrie Bickmore has finally stepped down from what she has described as ”the greatest job in the world”

And whilst a visibly emotional Carrie farewelled the audience and her fellow panellists live on air last month, it seems that the emotions have continued to boil over after a private note that Carrie wrote to her hair and makeup team came to light.

In the handwritten letter, the 42-year-old poured her heart out, thanking her behind the scenes team for not only getting her ready to go on air five nights a week, but for supporting her through some of her most challenging times both professionally and personally.

During her time at the show, Carrie lost her first husband, Greg Lange, to brain cancer on 27 December 2010.

Carrie and her hair and makeup team have bid an emotional farewell to each other following Carrie’s departure from The Project.

(IMAGE: Instagram)

”To my hair and makeup family. Crap, I am crying already,” the letter began.

”You have held my hand through some of the toughest days in my career. You hear it all, see it all and share it all with me and I can’t explain how much I am going to miss you all.

”There is an unspoken bond between us all and please never forget how special you all are,” Carrie added.

The letter then continues to point out that Carrie may have stepped down and wouldn’t be seeing her team as much anymore, but it wasn’t farewell forever.

”I know this is not goodbye, just goodbye for now. Love to you all, Carrie.”

”I know this is not goodbye, just goodbye for now,” Carrie wrote.

(IMAGE: Instagram)

While we are certain that this letter was given to her team amongst the fanfare of her final show last month, it has only been made public now after being posted to Instagram by Carrie’s makeup artist Julie Bekiri who had her own heartfelt message for Carrie.

”What can I say about you @bickmorecarrie,” Julie wrote.

”Words cannot describe the last 10 or so years since we first met. I can say that we have been through so many things together and our chats, laughs and cries in the makeup room have been priceless.

”Thank You so much for all your support and friendship and thank you for allowing me to be myself and allow me to express my creativity with you.

”You always kept me on my toes and constantly told me to stop your hair even after I perfecting it.”

Awwww, we want a friendship like this!

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