CONFIRMED: Stan’s charming new series Bump will return for a second season… as Claudia Karvan reveals what to expect from the next instalment

"Bump is the show we needed now.''
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It’s the heartwarming and critically-acclaimed Australian series that audiences have inhaled over the summer holidays.

And if you’re anything like us, after bingeing Stan’s original new drama Bump you’ve fallen in love with the story of teen parents Oly and Santi and you no doubt have one thought on your mind: please for the love of baby Jacinda, let there be a second season!

Well, today the streaming service has finally answered our prayers and confirmed there will be a second season of Bump.

Bump is the show we needed now – a show that is authentic, full of heart and humour and is testament to our resilience,” Claudia Karvan, star, co-creator and producer of Bump confirms.

“We all are champing at the bit to get back into the story room and bring these characters to life again. Stan have been the ultimate collaborators and we’re looking forward to working together again,” she adds.

Oly and Santi’s unlikely love story has captivated audiences.

(Image: Stan)

Filming for the second season will begin this year with the confirmed cast to be officially announced at a later date.

The 10-part original series centres around Oly (played by Nathalie Morris), an ambitious and high-achieving teenage girl who suddenly finds herself in labour despite being completely unaware she’d fallen pregnant.

The drama series stars Claudia Karvan who leads as Oly’s mother and also acts as a producer of the series. Angus Sampson (Fargo) also appears in the charming series as well as up-and-coming stars, Nathalie Morris and Carlos Sanson Jnr who plays her baby daddy, Santiago.

Bump is the show we needed now – a show that is authentic, full of heart and humour and is testament to our resilience,” Claudia Karvan, star, co-creator and producer of Bump says.

(Image: Stan)

So, what potential plot lines can we except to be explored in season two of Bump?

“Bernardita starts karate. Madison becomes the CEO of her own moon cup company. Rosa embraces bio-degradable forks. Angie goes celibate. Vince proposes to Santi. Oly develops a crush on Mr Hanover. Baby Jacinda starts talking, a bit like Baby Yoda. All this and more,” Claudia Karvan tells Now To Love in an exclusive interview.

There’s also a wild theory floating around that Oly’s mum Angie could be pregnant following her affair with PE teacher Mr Hernandez after she vomits at the end of J’s christening.

“You’re giving us ideas… She also did down a fair amount of beer and shots, that could be the more plausible explanation,” Claudia says when we put this to her.

Another character we can expect to see more of is Santi’s grandmother Rosa, played by Paula Garcia. The breakout star is the heart and soul of Bump, perfectly encapsulating the adoring matriarch role.

“We were so lucky to find Paula. She had only recently moved to Brisbane from Paris with her family. She’s a consummate performer – very experienced, natural and funny. We’re looking forward to giving her much more story in series two,” Claudia tells us.

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Surprise pregnancy: Oly gets the shock of her life she she goes into labour at school.

(Image: Stan)

The response to Bump has been nothing short of phenomenal, breaking viewing records for Stan since its launch on New Year’s Day and for Karvan and her team, she says the positive feedback has been “super gratifying.”

“All our writers, directors and cast are passionate about the show, so to see all their hard work resonant with people is wonderful,” she reveals.

Producer John Edwards says the show has struck a chord because “people love a story that feels true, and where good stuff wins.”

Bump certainly has the good stuff in spades and we can’t wait to see the second season take shape.

All episodes of Bump are available now to stream on Stan

Will Angie continue her affair with Santi’s dad, or go back to her husband Dom?

(Image: Stan)

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