8 of the biggest TV twists we never saw coming

We still haven't gotten over these shocks.
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In an age of internet spoilers and social media, it can be tricky for TV shows to pull off plot twists. But when they do, boy are they something.

From Game of Thrones to Lost, these shocking moments had us talking for weeks. But it’s impossible to talk about these unexpected twists without spoilers. You’ve been warned!

Dee returns from the dead, Neighbours

After supposedly dying in a car accident years ago, Dee Bliss turned up to her former husband Toadie’s house. Turns out that this new Dee was actually a con woman called Andrea Somers, who wanted to take all of Toadie’s money.

Zoe gets pushed House of Cards

We thought we’d be seeing a lot of Zoe (Kate Mara) in House of Cards. But things started to get heated between her and Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey), when she started pressing him about the murder of Peter Russo. Frank responded by pushing her in front of an oncoming train. Talk about jaw-dropping.

Ned loses his head, Game of Thrones:

From the Red Wedding to Jon Snow’s resurrection, Game of Thrones has certainly dropped some bombshells but this scene set the tone. And while we’ve now become accustomed to the shows cruelty, we weren’t expecting the demise of season one’s main character Eddard ‘Ned’ Stark so early on. It taught us that no one is safe, no matter how much of a fan favourite they are.

Carl gets bitten, The Walking Dead

Up until this point, Season 8 of The Walking Dead had been quite tame. But all that changed in the mid-season finale this week when Rick’s son Carl revealed he had been bitten by a walker. Turns out, he was attacked a couple of episodes back when he was helping lone survivor Siddiq in the woods, and had been hiding it ever since. We will certainly miss our one-eyed, pudding-eating hero!

Will gets shot* *The Good Wife***

Will Gardner appeared as a key character in the show, being the founding partner of Gardner Lockhart and involved in a complicated love triangle. But his shocking death came as a huge surprise. Josh Charles’s character was shot in a courtroom by a desperate defendant, leaving the rest of the characters and us, in tears.

Walter lets Jane die, Breaking Bad

Walter White has never been afraid of killing people, either because they were bad or out of self-defence. But we didn’t expect him to just let Jane Margolis, his partner Jesse’s girlfriend, choke on her own vomit and die in front of his very eyes. The worst part? He could’ve saved her but didn’t, all so he could gain full control over Jesse.

Jack’s flashbacks were flash-forwards, Lost:

During the last episode of Lost’s third season, we saw Jack Shephard battling with drug addictions and suicidal thoughts in what we thought was life before the island. But in the last moments of the episode, it was revealed that it was a glimpse into the future where some castaways had made it back to civilisation.

Roseanne’s imagination runs wild, Roseanne

In the shows final episode, we learned a LOT. It was revealed that Roseanne had imagined a large chunk of the season as a coping mechanism to deal with the loss of Dan, who actually died from a heart attack. Oh, and the Conners didn’t become millionaires from the lottery, Jackie was a lesbian, and Darlene was dating Mark, not David. But luckily the show is coming back for revival next year and Dan isn’t dead.

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