No more re-runs! These are the modern equivalents of your favourite cult TV shows

Couldn’t get enough of Lost? You’ll LOVE The Wilds.
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Whether it is Gilmore Girls or 90s cult classic Friends, we all have our favourite shows we could watch over and over again.

If you’ve reached a point where you’re reciting entire episodes by heart as they play out on screen it may be time to find a new TV show obsession.

Cue the likes of Netflix hit Bridgerton or addictive new series The Wilds.

There’s a new era of series available, many of which have a comparable likeness to our go-to favourites. Dare we say it, they may even be better.

These new shows have built on timeless tropes, themes and genres to become modern versions of beloved classics.

We’re rounding up the best TV series swaps to inspire your next binge.

Swap Lost for The Wilds

The premise is similar, but if you ask us The Wilds is far better.


If you haven’t yet tuned into the Amazon Prime series, we implore you to stop what you’re doing and flick on the telly immediately.

The Wilds centres on a group of girls who are stranded on a deserted island after their plane goes down.

Sound familiar? The basis of the plot is almost identical and the unexpected unravelling of mysteries are sure to keep you hooked in similar fashion to Lost.

However, the revelations made in The Wilds are much more plausible and intriguing than its counterpart ie. no polar bears, no ambiguous ending… yet.

The show is also teeming with Aussie and Kiwi stars and gives a refreshingly honest look into the lives of modern young women.

Swap Downton Abbey for Bridgerton

Bridgerton has taken the world by storm.


It may seem an unlikely pairing but this Downton Abbey meets Gossip Girl period drama instantly had the world hooked.

Bridgerton combines glorious scandal, regal manners and intensely raunchy desires all the while being narrated by the divine Julie Andrews who voices the mysterious Lady Whistledown.

Swap Gossip Girl for Elite

Elite makes reading subtitles absolutely worth it.


The secret amongst this group of elite private school students is much more deadly than a gossip site.

When three middle class teens are enrolled in a Spanish private school they clash with their new, privileged classmates and it ends in murder.

Swap Friends for New Girl

There are plenty of parallels between the shows.


When it comes to cult iconic TV shows Friends is number 1 on the hit list, and we won’t hear otherwise.

For that very reason finding any kind of comparison is a tricky task. On a basic level both shows centre on a group of 20-something friends who mostly live together in completely unattainable apartments (exactly how is an investigation for another time).

There are also the romantic storylines between the group members driving the show ie. Schmidt and CeCe V Chandler and Monica and the will-they-won’t-they Ross and Rachel V Jess and Nick.

Swap Skins for Euphoria

Euphoria is emotionally charged and unfiltered.


This comparison has been made a number of times thanks to both shows fitting into the gritty teen genre and managing to shock audiences with their unfiltered look at adolescent lives.

While Skins somewhat glorified the chaos, drinking, sex and drug use of teens, Euphoria is a much more realistic and raw look at those same experiences through a much more confronting lens.

Nonetheless, the brash honestly and lack of filter makes for compelling and emotionally charged viewing.

Swap Gilmore Girls for Firefly Lane

The series is based on the novel by the same name.


The dynamic between best friends Tully and Kate reminds us a lot of that between mother and daughter duo Rory and Lorelai.

Combine that with the wholesome feel of growing up in a small town while navigating love, loss and all the drama in between, and we can guarantee you’ll be hooked.

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