EXCLUSIVE: Bachelorette’s Jarrod Woodgate is writing a tell-all!

Jarrod's ready to dish all the dirt... and he hasn't even left the Bachie mansion yet!
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You heard right!

Jarrod Woodgate (aka ‘the clinger’) will be writing a tell-all to reveal all the juicy little details that only an insider would gather inside the walls of The Bachelorette mansion.

“I don’t usually write journals or diaries, but I did in the house,” admits Jarrod.

We will be getting the direct details from the man himself to find out exactly what happens in the Bachie mansion behind closed doors.

“I utilised the time in the house to question the boys,” Jarrod says. “So I knew everything that went on.” Even when they went on single dates!

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This tell-all does sound promising, but could Jarrod’s diary become a best-seller?

“I think I’m going to have to get my sister to go through the wording, the spelling and the abbreviations first, otherwise it won’t be a top-seller,” Jarrod states.

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Either way, the 31-year old Central Gippsland vineyard manager has big plans. Even though he’s still in the house, Jarrod has already considered naming a wine after Sophie if they end up together. Because we all know a little rosé is the way to a girl’s heart.

Despite being known as the season’s ‘stalker’ and ‘stage-five clinger,’ Jarrod insists he hasn’t done anything stalker-worthy at all and just wants to go that extra mile to be sure that Sophie knows he’s there.

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Jarrod made sure he covered all the best bits, using his down-time in the house to interrogate the other guys about their one-on-one time with Sophie.

“I think Sophie has always wanted a person who could be emotionally available. When she was in LA she was happy with how the Americans could open up to her,” he explained. “I’m trying to be that guy.”

Whether he’s the clinger or not, we just can’t wait to read this tell-all and find out all the insider goss we’ve been dying to know since day one.

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