Bachelor nation reacts to Sophie Monk announcement

Sophie Monk’s announcement as The Bachelorette on the TV WEEK Logies red carpet had past and present members of the reality franchise abuzz with excitement.
Sophie Monk

Introducing your next Bachelorette... Miss Sophie Monk!

Host Osher Gunsberg is already a big fan of the 37-year old former pop star and promises that she’s going to be a hit with viewers at home.

“I’ve worked with her before and I think she’s fantastic – she’s going to bring up some great conversations in Australia,” he enthuses.

“She’s a great human being, she’s very funny, she’s very smart and she’s not afraid to tell it like it is which I’m thrilled about.”

Last year’s Bachelorette Georgia Love – who was accompanied by the man who won her final rose as well as her heart, Lee Elliot – says she’s more than ready to pass the mantle on to Monk.

“Her journey will be completely different to mine,” she says. “I think she’s going to be absolutely phenomenal.”

Sam Frost says while she was taken aback at the news, on reflection she believes Monk is a great choice.

“The viewers are going to love her because she’s really funny but the men will fall in love with her because she’s down to earth,” Frost says.

While Monk has previously dated high profile men, including former Voice coach Benji Madden, Gunsberg says at the end of the day the new Bachelorette is still looking for the same thing we all are – true love.

“I spoke to her earlier today and she said, ‘All the guys that I’ve ended up with have kind of not the sort of men I’d want to be with,” he says.

“We’re led to believe in this society that what we see on Instagram is what we should aspire for. And here’s a woman who’s lived that life and tried a few times but didn’t find what she’s looking for. Because ultimately, all the things we are told to strive and reach for aren’t the things that bring us happiness in the end.”

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