KISS AND TELL: Bachelor Matty J spills on his mansion make outs

Something tells us The Bachelor 2017 is going to be HOT.
Matty J

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, everyone knows how hot our newest Aussie Bachelor Matty J is. Like, we’re pretty sure he’s been carved by the Gods!

So we weren’t really surprised to find out that as soon as he stepped foot in the Bachie mansion he locked lips with a handful of the ladies vying for his heart.

In an exclusive chat with NW, Matty dishes all the deets on his mansion make outs and we’re not jealous…honest.

Now Matty, a little birdy tells us you’ve been kissing all the girls!

When the moment was right and I felt it was appropriate, there would be a kiss, but I don’t think I overindulged!

So did you have moments where you really wanted to go in for the kiss, but buckled?

Yeah! I mean, how do you attack that first kiss? It’s kind of daunting because, as a guy, you make the first move, and what if you go in for a kiss and they pull away?!

We have a feeling that never happens to you! How about taking it to the next level? Were you tempted to go there while you were in the mansion?

I think there’s a lot you can tell from a kiss… and I think that kiss is an indication of your compatibility.

How did you go dating so many girls at once?

It’s weird because you go on a date and you feel a connection and you explore that. But then you put a full stop to that and package that to one side to explore feelings with someone else… [You have to] allow yourself to develop feelings for more than one person and for me that’s unnatural. At the start I didn’t know how I’d handle it.

For more on how Matty dealt with having to send girls home to his engagement plans, pick up the latest issue of NW Magazine – on sale now!

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