Australian Ninja Warrior Ryan Solomon can’t wait to wed 
the woman of his dreams

‘I’m getting married!’
Ryan Australian Ninja Warrior

Forget the big wall. There was a far scarier obstacle in Ryan Solomon’s way during his stint on Australian Ninja Warrior – whether he’d find the courage to finally pop the question to his girlfriend of three years, Amie!

While she cheered him on from the sidelines, Ryan admits he found himself thinking about how he could ask her to become his wife.

“We’ve been planning to get married for a while,” the 28-year-old tells TV WEEK. “I contemplated trying to do something about popping the question on the show. But in the end, the 
timing wasn’t right.”

Instead, he waited until after filming was completed to surprise Amie with a picnic proposal. A professional photographer was on hand, hidden from 
view, to capture the romantic moment.

The couple met through mutual friends and have 
a shared love of fitness.

“She was there every 
step of the way, pushing 
me to try new things in my Ninja training,” the plumber from Queensland’s Gold Coast says.

“She definitely wants to 
try to do it [the show] next year. She’s been paying close attention to how all the women have been going.

“She’d love to give it a crack – she’ll probably end up getting further than me!”

But before then, the happy couple have 
a wedding to plan. Ryan reveals they’ve booked a venue in Brisbane for next 
March, and “wedding plans are chaotic”.

Once they’ve tied the knot, Amie and Ryan plan to start 
a family. Breeding future Ninja champs, perhaps?

“Maybe,” Ryan laughs. “We’ll have 
to set up a little training centre out the back for them.”

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