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Here’s everyone who has been voted off Australian Survivor: Heroes vs Villains

Your go to guide for whose torches have been snuffed in Australian Survivor: Heroes vs Villains.
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Survivor wouldn’t be the game that it is without some epic blindsides and backstabbing.

From hidden immunity idols, bombshell reveals and epic interrogations from Jonathan LaPaglia, tribal council is where the magic really happens in the game.

Because after all, there will only be one sole survivor and with $500,000 on the line, these players aren’t taking any chances.

Scroll on to see who has had their torch snuffed so far….

Jackie Glazier (withdrawn due to injury)

Jackie was medically evacuated from the game after fracturing her collarbone in the very first episode.

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Anjali Rao – Villains

This real housewive was given the boot in a blindside. She called her tribe ”treacherous little ferrets” for the dirty deed.

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Read our exit interview with Anjali here.

Michael Warren

Michael played too hard, too fast.

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Mimi Tang

Mimi got caught red handed in the cookie jar.

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Read our exit interview with Mimi here.

Rogue Rubin

The heroes voted Rogue out without hesitation at their first tribal council. And honestly, we don’t blame them after her polarising behaviour.

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In a statement to 10Play, Rogue said that she was ”deeply humiliated” that her words had caused offence (referencing a conversation she had with Nina in episode one).

”I’m heartbroken. I’m deeply humiliated that my words have caused offence. I made a silly comment, very much in jest, since I was born in Africa and have lived in America, and in no way did I intend to cause disrespect to Nina or anyone else and I really wholeheartedly apologise.”

Sarah Marschke

This beauty queen found herself on the wrong end of a blindside.

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Fraser Lack

The real estate agent found himself in the firing line and was brutally blindsided in perhaps the most epic tribal council Australian Survivor has ever seen.

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Sharni Vinson

Sharni was loyal to a fault and ultimately it cost her.

(IMAGE: Ten)

Fellow tribemate Paige accused Sharni of ”throwing” the immunity challenge earlier in the day when it came to tribal council.

”People are willing to lie in order to get further in their own game even if that means making up an outrageous claim in order to make themselves feel better,” Paige told 10Play the morning after her elimination.

”I don’t think that’s a very heroic act for someone mean to be on a tribe of Heroes.”

By mean she is of course referring to Paige for spreading the lies and blaming her, and Benjamin Law who took advantage of the situation and encouraged his fellow heroes to vote for Sharni because she was a ”snake.”

Paige Donald

Paige got too big for her boots trying to blindside ‘King’ George. Obviously it didn’t work out in her favour.

(IMAGE: Ten)

In the moments after her torch was snuffed Paige told the camera that she had ”no idea” what had happened.

”Shonee playing her idol for George was a huge shocker, I wasn’t expecting it. We kind of thought we had it in the bag, it was going to be a big move.

”Obviously we f***ed up.”

Jordie Hansen

This joker made a risky move that didn’t play off.

(IMAGE: Ten)

You can read our exit interview with Jordie here.

Benjamin Law

Poor Ben struggled to earn his tribemates trust, and it cost him. Big time.

(IMAGE: Ten)

You can read our exit interview with Benjamin here.

Stevie Khouw

Stevie was collateral damage when the spice girls alliance couldn’t agree on who to vote out at tribal council.

(IMAGE: Ten)

It’s safe to say that the elimination of Stevie was perhaps the most heartbreaking so far.

You can read our exit interview with Stevie here.

David Zaharakis

David unexpectedly found himself in a minority alliance after a betrayal at tribal council left him blindsided.

(IMAGE: Ten)

You can read our exit interview with David here.

Flick Palmateer

This big wave surfer certainly made more than a ripple in the Survivor waters…

(IMAGE: Ten)

You can read our exit interview with Flick here.

Sam Webb

During Sunday night’s Tribal Council, two Immunity Idols were flushed and Sam Webb was voted out of the game in a devastating series of events.

(IMAGE: Ten)

Shonee Fairfax

Shonee copped a brutal blindside at tribal council, after those she’d been working with turned on her.

(IMAGE: Ten)

You can read our exit interview with Shonee here.

Shaun Hampson

Shaun drew the short end of the straw when it came to his alliance.

(IMAGE: Ten)

You can read our exit interview with Shaun here.

Hayley Leake

Survivor royalty Hayley went out in style – in a blindside orchestrated by King George.

(IMAGE: Ten)

You can read our exit interview with Hayley here.

Simon Mee

Simon played an explosive game and lasted much longer than anyone thought he would.

(IMAGE: Ten)

You can read our exit interview with Simon here.

Nina Twine

Nina is the daughter of two time Survivor winner Sandra Diaz-Twine.

(IMAGE: Ten)

You can read our exit interview with Nina here.

George Mladenov

George made it to the final four before being eliminated at the penultimate tribal council.

(IMAGE: Ten)

You can read our exit interview with George here.

Gerry Geltch

At the age of 62, Gerry was the oldest contestant to ever compete on Survivor Australia.

(IMAGE: Ten)

You can read our exit interview with Gerry here.

Matt Day

Matt failed to win any votes at the final jury, loosing out to former Olympian Liz Parnov.

(IMAGE: Ten)

You can read our exit interview with Matt here.

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