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AFL legend Wayne Carey says having an affair with his teammate’s wife has “haunted” him for 20 years in an explosive SAS Australia trailer

''My integrity will always be questioned.''
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In an all-new sneak peek for the upcoming season of SAS Australia, AFL legend Wayne Carey opened up about an affair he had with a teammate’s wife, before being labelled a “train wreck” by the no-nonsense DS.

Wayne is one of 17 Aussie celebrities to undertake on a gruelling series of physical and psychological tests on the reality show which airs on Seven in February.

“I slept with a teammate’s wife,” Wayne revealed during an interrogation. “It’s haunted me for 20 years. My integrity will always be questioned.

Wayne said the incident has haunted him for two decades.

(Image: Seven)

“I’m not trying to prove anything to the public, it’s to myself. People can change, they evolve. Hopefully this can help me.”

The footy great turned commentator, nicknamed “The King”, is then seen facing his fear of heights in the explosive new promo.

“My worst nightmare would be standing at the top of a mountain” he said, while shown scaling the cliff face of a thunderous 80-metre-high waterfall.

Wayne will be joined by other Aussie celebs, including Bachelor stars Anna Heinrich and Locky Gilbert, model Simone Holtznagel, Olympic swimming legend Geoff Huegill and actress Melissa Tkautz.

Wayne was labelled a “train wreck” by the DS (Directing Staff).

(Image: Seven)

Guiding recruits through the most gruelling course yet is Chief Instructor Ant Middleton and returning DS Ollie Ollerton, joined for the first time by retired US Navy SEAL Clint Emerson and former British Special Forces soldier Dean Stott.

In a sneak peek released last week, Anna was seen competing in a range of tough challenges, including running while being literally set on fire.

“Why would someone like me, a mum, be able to take on a course like SAS?” she hypothetically asks in a voiceover.

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“I don’t think the public will think I’ll go very far in this. I want to prove them wrong.”

Anna also revealed she signed up for the show for her family, particularly her daughter, Elle.

“The one thing I want to give my daughter – if I tell her that she can do something, I want to believe it in myself,” she tearily admits on-screen.

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