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The Bachelor Australia’s Vanessa Sunshine reveals what really happened in that awkward rose ceremony

‘That’s not how it went down.’
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Vanessa Sunshine, the hero Australia truly deserves, was unfortunately sent home from The Bachelor Australia in tonight’s episode.

After going on a camping group date with Nick, she was eliminated at an intimate rose ceremony with just five other contestants.

Romy, Alisha, Cass, Brittany and Shannon were also along for the ride, with Romy causing tension at the campsite by hopping in to Nick’s tent for a ‘snuggle’ in the middle of the night.

At the end of the “surprise” rose ceremony at the camp-site, viewers saw an irritated-looking Vanessa waiting for an awkwardly long time before giving Nick a quick hug and walking out of the rose ceremony without saying a word.

According to the sassy star, that’s not exactly how her exit played out.

“Yeah that’s not how it went down,” Vanessa tells TV WEEK.

“What actually happened is, I said my goodbye to Nick first. I said ‘I hope you find whatever and whoever it is you’re searching for’ and then I had to say goodbye to the girls. I hugged them all, except for Romy, and then I walked off.

“Like I stood there for probably one second and they made it out like it was really long, that’s not what happened.”

Despite the situation, Vanessa says she’s not frustrated Romy scored a place over her at the rose ceremony.

“Nick is a grown up, 30-year-old man, he is more than capable of making his own decisions,” the 27-year-old says. “If he was thinking at that point in time ‘Oh, Romy is a better option than Vanessa’ then, that’s his problem.”

According to Vanessa, her exit was not as weird as it looked on TV.

Throughout Vanessa’s time on The Bachelor Australia, the ‘tripod’ of besties Romy, Cat and Alisha, have been committed to ‘proving’ that she is not interested in Nick.

For what it’s worth, Vanessa tells us she was just trying to “suss out” if Nick was the right guy for her, saying “I literally spent an hour with the dude. I was trying to figure things out.”

So how did she feel about the girls constantly prodding her for information?

“Uh… I’ll be real cutthroat. I think that Cat, Romy and Alisha’s behaviour just stems from their own insecurities, whatever they are,” Vanessa says.

“They’ve been labelled all these things like ‘trio,’ ‘mean girls,’ ‘villains,’ and I think that those kind of titles almost glorify their behaviour. It’s not producer coerced, it is really how they were behaving and there’s a lot more footage. You guys aren’t even seeing the half of it,” she continues.

“I was very aware that they were saying and doing these things, they might not have been doing it to my face, but I knew it was happening. So for me I’m like, ‘yeah duh b— no wonder I’m not opening up to you!’ If you’re saying this about me behind my back I don’t want to give you the time of day.”

Vanessa says she grew tired of the constant tension, saying she wasn’t interested in pretending to be friends.

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Vanessa has scored herself a legion of fans for her blunt responses to the drama, and she’s glad she’s received some positive attention despite coming across so intensely at the first cocktail party.

“I did not love the first episode I was like ‘oh, why!’ But the rest of it I’m pretty happy with. I’m not gonna lie, I watch it and I think I’m pretty funny.”

As for negative comments she’s received online?

“You’re not going to please everyone in life and that’s fine. I don’t care,” she admits. “I can read that and I’m like honestly I don’t give a s—, like my cousin cares more than me.”

The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on Network Ten.

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