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EXCLUSIVE: Inside the most explosive The Voice Australia clash ever

Kelly Rowland and Boy George are set to face-off once more in their fieriest clash yet
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The tension between The Voice Australia coaches Kelly Rowland and Boy George has been simmering all season. But this week, things explode when Boy George accuses the Destiny’s Child singer of breaking the rules.

“You’re cheating!” George, 57, snaps after Kelly’s artist, Denzel, performs an original song rather than a cover at The Knockouts. “Everybody’s been breaking the rules this year! People are breaking the rules and I’m just pointing out that they’re being hypocrites.”

Fellow coach Guy Sebastian, 37, adds, “These are the loosest Voice rules I’ve ever seen.”

Even Delta Goodrem, 34, admits it’s “not fair”, before saying that “there are 40 other people who would kill to sing their original”.

The coaches are fighting over the “rules” on The Voice.

This isn’t the first time the judges have clashed over the series. Kelly and George have continued to bicker over her controversial win with looper Sam Perry last year – as well as rapper Denzel, who chose to be on Team Kelly after turning all four chairs in his Blind Audition.

“I do wish @kellyrowland and Denzel nothing but love, but is the best way to start a revolution by making the safest choice? Maybe he’ll end up on #TeamGeorge anyway…” George tweeted soon afterwards.

Last season, George questioned whether eventual winner Sam had an unfair advantage over the other artists.

He brought it up again this season when Madi Krstevski, who lost out to Sam in The Knockouts in the 2018 series, returned as an All-Star.

“You were on Kelly’s team, then you were on Joe [Jonas’] team cause Kelly chose Sam over you… she let you go for Sam, who was kind of a DJ,” George quipped.

A furious Kelly hit back, saying she took Sam “all the way”, before George remarked, “I think he would have won with any coach.”

Things escalated when Kelly yelled angrily at George, warning, “Don’t put your finger in my face!”

George and Kelly are known for their feuds on The Voice.

Kelly has previously admitted that things can get tense on set, “to the point where sometimes one might have to leave the stage, to where we just have to take a breather”.

The Voice Australia airs Monday and Tuesday, 7.30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, Nine Network.

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