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The Voice Australia's Kelly Rowland admits new coach Guy Sebastian is a force to be reckoned with

“They’re all going for Guy!”

By TV Week team
She may hold The Voice Australia crown, but Kelly Rowland is feeling the pressure now that Guy Sebastian has joined the coaching panel.
The Destiny's Child star admits she and the other coaches have found it harder to recruit artists to their teams this season – because everybody wants to work with the Australian Idol winner!
"Everybody knows Guy and people love him," Kelly, 38, tells TV WEEK. "That's been a little challenge this year. You get excited about someone and then they're like, 'I want to work with Guy!' I'm like, 'Are you kidding me right now?'"
Kelly says it's been "challenging" to go up against Guy in the big red chair (Image: Nine Network).
Boy George has noticed it too. During the show's first episode, he told Guy, "You can say things we can't. You've been through this and you're a success story. People are like, 'He knows what he's doing.'"
So why does Kelly think everyone is hoping to be on Team Guy?
"He's more relatable for the artist, because they're like, 'Oh, he knows what this is all about and what it feels like'," Kelly adds. "They want somebody to walk with them through the journey."
Kelly admits Guy is "more relatable" than the other coaches (Image: Nine Network).
Though many of the contestants are keen on Guy, there is one who was determined to score Kelly as their coach.
Prinnie Stevens was hoping Kelly would turn, as she feels a close bond over their shared experience as mothers. Prinnie is mum to Sania, 13, and baby Hope, while Kelly has a four-year-old son, Titan.
"I just feel like we have so much in common," Prinnie, 38, from NSW, tells TV WEEK. "That's why I really wanted to pick her, because she's a mum. Her little one was back in the States and I could see she was missing him.
"It's the same thing. She's here working and doing what she loves, but we do it for our kids."
Kelly with Prinnie and her family (Image: Nine Network).
So far, Team Kelly is shaping up nicely with Prinnie, Zeek Power and Amanuael Visser on board.
The Voice Australia airs Sunday, 7pm, and Monday and Tuesday, 7.30pm, on Nine Network.

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