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EXCLUSIVE: The Masked Singer’s Adam Brand reveals year-long paternity leave after the birth of his daughter

''It's just the most intensely beautiful thing I've ever done.''
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When Aussie country music legend Adam Brand was unveiled as the Dragon on The Masked Singer on Wednesday, no one was in as much shock as the guessing panel.

In fact, out of the four, only super sleuth Dannii Minogue managed to pick the 12-time Golden Guitar winner as being behind the mask, leaving the others speechless.

While he has had a career-spanning over two decades, the 49-year-old has been keeping pretty quiet lately – focusing on a brand new chapter in his life – being a first-time to dad to his five-month old daughter, Pepper.

In a chat with Now to Love, Adam revealed that he was taking time off to be with his daughter and partner, Nui, and said that they were the only reason he thought to do the show.

“My very first thing about it all was that I’ve taken this year off as my paternity leave,” he said.

“So for me, the very first thing was as long as I’m not separated from my girls for more than one night, that’s it. If I had to be then I’m not even thinking about it.”

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Adam and the greatest joy in his life, Pepper.

(Source: Instagram/AdamBrandOfficial)

During his elimination chat with Osher Günsberg on the main stage, Adam admitted that he couldn’t wait for his daughter to able to tell people that he was “the dragon” – and this was a sentiment he still shared.

“Imagine my little girl going to school or pre-school in three or four years and saying ‘my daddy was a dragon’ and wanting to drag me there for show-and-tell, I mean you can’t not do it,” he admitted, while also revealing that fatherhood had “really changed” him.

“It’s turned me into a ball of emotion on two legs,” he said.

“I’m always pretty emotional anyway. I’m a performer, I’m used to having the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, but this is a whole other level.

“It’s just the most intensely beautiful thing that I’ve ever, ever experienced. To be in a position where I can take an entire year off to spend pretty much every day, creating this incredible bond with her and watching her grow, it’s indescribable.

“It’s certainly made me into a more caring and patient person – there’s been a lot of different things I’ve noticed in myself.”

Adam and his partner Nui at an Australia Zoo event.

(Source: Instagram/AdamBrandOfficial)

Pepper is such a BEAUTY!

(Source: Instagram/AdamBrandOfficial)

The country-crooner is also about to hit another massive milestone with his 50th birthday celebration coming up in January, however, has nothing planned for the big day.

“I don’t want this to sound corny but I’m blessed already,” Adam said.

“I’ve got my beautiful little girl in my arms and I’ve got my amazing partner and I’ve got a nice veggie garden and a little pool in the backyard so I’m happy.”

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