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Are they in it for the right reason? These Celebrity Apprentice stars are plugging their own brands by appearing on the show

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When it comes to any celebrity focused reality show, you can bet your bottom dollar that the contestants always have something to plug.

But with Celebrity Apprentice this year, the celebs have gone plugging mad!

According to an on-set source, producers had a hard time trying to cut down the footage after the celebrities used the show’s prime-time slot as a platform to build their brands and products.

“Producers were constantly rolling their eyes and telling the cast not to make the show feel like a giant infomercial,” the source tells Woman’s Day.

“Yes, they all have established products, but it shouldn’t be a distraction.

“There was so much [plugging] in the final footage, the editors said it was like editing out breathing!”

Here are just some of the products the celebs were hell-bent on showcasing…

The cast have been plugging their products on the show!

(Credit: Instagram)

The Veronicas

While many were left scratching their heads when twin pop stars Jess and Lisa, 36, signed onto the show, it all made sense when they announced their two albums, Godzilla and Human, would be released while the show was on air.

The pair were quick to put themselves forward for any performances on the show and even attempted to call their team name Sugar Daddies, in the same week their single of the same name was released

The Veronicas have timed their music release with their air time.

(Credit: Instagram)

Camilla Franks

The Camilla designer has been pretty frank in the boardroom, so it’s no surprise that she’s been just as straight-up about plugging her luxury label every chance she gets on the show.

In one particular challenge Camilla, 45, centred what was meant to be a historic tour of Sydney on her new Camilla collection by handing out merchandise to confused customers.

Camilla has been donning her clothing brand every episode.

(Credit: Channel Nine)


After slipping into third place in the radio ratings this year, Wippa, 41, has been tasked with bringing back the earbuds to his Nova show Fitzy & Wippa – and that includes doing some pretty out-there publicity stunts!

Recently, Wippa wiggled himself into a pair of Speedos for a beach challenge on the show and moulded a statue out of his ‘dad bod’ for a charity auction.

Wippa has been pulling out the stunts!

(Credit: Instagram)

Shaynna Blaze

  • While she dominates Nine’s screens in the latter half of the year on The Block, Shaynna, 58, is making use of her time on-air now by slipping all of her projects into challenge pitches.

Her homewares collections at Harris Scarfe, Molmic, Urban Road or One World Lighting… no brand – or plug – was off limits!

The Block judge just released a homewares collection.

(Credit: Instagram)

Anthony Callea

The former Idol star has a new show!

(Credit: Getty)

The pint-sized crooner timed his new Together Again tour to coincide with his Celebrity Apprentice appearance, and while Anthony, 38, may have already been fired by Lord Sugar, he can now expect to see a few more bums on seats at his shows thanks to his time on the show!

Michelle Bridges

Her time on the show was cut short, but Michelle, 50, still managed to squeeze in some promo for her 12-week body transformation and her activewear ranges, with the fitness guru constantly trying to make mention of healthy eating and crop tops in any of her challenges.

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