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It’s over! Omar and Oz have been crowned winners of The Block 2022

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After many tears, some feuds, and even a walk-out, another season of The Block has come to an end after a gripping auction.

In the end, Omar and Oz were crowned victorious, selling their house for $5,666,666.66, and earning a profit of $1,586,666.66.

The boys earned over $1.5 million above their reserve price – the largest sum ever over a reserve across The Block’s 18 seasons.

Along with their winners’ prize money of $100,000, the total winnings ended at: $1,686,666.66.

But after their fellow contestants failed to receive as much, if any, profit, Oz said: “We didn’t want it to be this way.”

The Block is over for another year!

(Image: Nine)

In runner-up place was Rachel and Ryan, who sold their property for $4,249,800.85, with a profit of $169,000.85. The bronze was earned by Tom and Sarah-Jane, selling their house for $4,100,000, with a profit of $20,000.

Blockheads will not be surprised by the final results. Omar and Oz were predicted to take out top spot on Sportsbet, while Tom and Sarah-Jane were in the runner-up position, followed by Ryan and Rachel, Dylan and Jenny, and Ankur and Sharon in last place.

Omar and Oz were predicted to win.

(Image: Nine)

“We are Muslim and I am Lebanese, but I am Australian Lebanese,” Oz told Nine ahead of the series. “I’m a proud Australian and I want to show what two Muslim Aussies can do.”

According to the network, “while they haven’t renovated houses together, both have been around the construction industry. Omar has worked in demolition and Oz comes from a construction background”.

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“I have done a lot of building maintenance for schools and offices, and a little bit of carpentry,” Oz said.

“Dad is a builder. I’m looking forward to getting involved and working with trades, something I feel comfortable about.”

This season of The Block saw plenty of drama right from the get-go.

Ankur and Sharon were a contentious couple during this season.

(Image: Nine)

Just a few days into filming, contestants Joel Patfull and Elle Ferguson sensationally left the show, before being replaced by Rachel and Ryan.

But the influencer couple’s walkout was just the beginning of an explosive season.

In particular, we saw Ankur and Sharon in the centre of many feuds with host Scott Cam and their builders, with one of their tradies even quitting the show.

For now, the Block drama is over and it’s tool’s down until next year.

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