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The Block’s Sarah-Jane and Tom forced to take drastic action to rebuild their lost savings

They have to say goodbye to their brand new toy.
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It was a heartbreaking conclusion to The Block and when we thought it couldn’t get worse, favourites Tom and Sarah-Jane have admitted they will need to take drastic measures after spending a large chunk of their own savings.

The couple’s five-bedroom and three-bathroom country home earned a mere $20,000.99 over the reserve. Sarah later confessed on Instagram the couple will need to sell their new car.

Tom has to say goodbye to his Ford.

(Image: Instagram)

“Unfortunately for Tom we will sell the Ford and we will be walking away with 100k so no complaints from us,” it wrote.

Tom and Sarah-Jane won the $80,000 Ford Ranger following their success in Landscape Week.

Following the “disappointing” sale, the couple revealed to Nine that they had spent “more than $20,000 of our savings” to participate in the renovation show.

Tom and Sarah-Jane spent a large chunk of their own savings.

(Image: Instagram)

“That was a hard moment but life’s thrown harder things our way and 20k is 20k more then what we had yesterday but definitely less then if we had of just stayed at home and worked,” they wrote on social media.

Despite the results and watching their co-stars Oz and Omar walk away with a record breaking $1.6 million in prize money, the pair remained grateful for the opportunity.

“A BIG F—–G THANK YOU to everyone who watch Tom and I’s journey and showed us so much love and support!” Sarah wrote on Instagram.

“We honestly had the best time and have zero regrets.

WATCH: Tom and Sarah-Jane’s auction order. The article continues after video

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“Even if we walked away with nothing we had the experience of a lifetime and something we can tell our grandkids about! Are we disappointed sure but nothing is ever guaranteed.

“At this point I think we’ll be fully over it by Tuesday. There’s bigger issues in the world. Love to you all,” she concluded.

Sarah also thanked her partner and “baby daddy” Tom for “working like a crazy man” to give their family the best opportunities possible.

“I love you and I’m proud of how you kicked @theblock’s a*s,” she said.

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