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“We aren’t here to make friends!” They’ve been called bullies online, but Kristy and Brett aren’t backing down

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The Block’s House 3 couple Kristy and Brett have been attacked online for allegedly treating their fellow Blockheads unfairly. But now, the couple are hitting back at the claims.

“We’re getting labelled as four bullies (with Leah and Ash) who sit around talking about everyone else,” Kristy, 34, tells TV WEEK.

“We’re simply reactive people. It’s not something we want to be categorised for, but that’s what we’re getting online.”

Adelaide couple Kristy and Brett’s comments aren’t winning them fans.

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Kristy, Brett, Leah and Ash have been accused of bullying Steph, Gian and Kyle, particularly over the “body corporate” affair, where Leah and Ash insisted a meeting be called to remind everyone about the rules of the competition.

“We’re not worried, though,” Brett, 34, says. “They’re just losers in the ‘comments’ section.”

Leah helped Steph after her fall so is shocked when she’s well enough to break dance.

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Leah and Kristy continue to become frustrated with Steph this week as she gives uninvited feedback on their rooms.

“To have someone who isn’t a judge come in and tell you what you should or shouldn’t have done is a bit rough to hear,” Kristy says.

Kristy and Brett concede they’ve made comments about the other contestants, but say “if they couldn’t handle it, they shouldn’t have gone on a TV show”.

“I do think the next time we catch up there’ll be a lot of people wanting context and an explanation,” Kristy says. “But we aren’t really about that – it is what it is. We won’t be looking to add context to anyone, nor hear it about ourselves.”

“We aren’t here to make friends,” Brett reveals. “We love what we’re doing and we’re here to build a house.”

Steph was called out for breaking the rules when she brought in her dad to help.


Although it seems as though things have taken a turn for the worse yet again.

Kristy and Brett admitted to Yahoo Lifestyle that they went on the show with the intention to “stir the pot” but now that they’re nearing the end, they’ve realised it wasn’t everyone’s strategy.

“Someone had to be the villain, right?” Kristy confessed who strategy but we’re not sure if the contestants are buying it.

Eliza shares with Leah and Ash that she disagrees ethically and morally with the couple’s behind-the-scenes actions, “I don’t want to speak out of school, but people don’t want to work for them any longer. Sparkies, plumbers … the crew hates being around them, they’ve made four crew cry. They’re constantly told to apologise, so trades will show up,” she said.

It’s not the first time they’ve been made to apologise when foreman Dan forced Brett to apologise to the crew after he yelled at them for filming him in the morning.

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