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The Block’s latest scandal backfires with viewers

‘[The hats are] a symbol of hate – not an innocent prop’
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This season of The Block has been dubbed “a car crash” and some have suggested the show “has run its course.” Now, even the cast are calling the reality series out!

“I do not condone bullying,” judge Darren Palmer assured fans on Instagram.

Indeed, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) – has confirmed to Woman’s Day they are investigating a number of viewer complaints, which say the show has crossed a line with its bullying storyline, which has seen Kristy playing “mind games” with co-competitor Steph.

Darren Palmer was quick to clear up his side of The Block’s latest scandal.

(Credit: Instagram)

While Nine declined to comment on the ACMA allegations, one of the reality hit’s biggest fans, The Blockinator Blog, says The Block’s decision to put Kristy and husband Brett in controversial red MAGA-style hats – made famous by polarising US politician Donald Trump – “is the single most disgusting thing I’ve seen on this show”.

“This is so disappointing to see,” they wrote. “It is a universal symbol of hate – not a cute, innocent prop.”

“Those hats are the epitome of offensive,” added another viewer. “It’s actually scary that Nine allowed this,” yet another chimed in.

The Block has previously admitted they look for couples viewers will love or love to hate and no one has caused more controversy than Kristy and Brett. While some viewers love the drama, others have vowed to switch off for good.

Kristy and Brett from The Block are involved in yet another scandal.

(Credit: Nine)

“In a time when society has zero tolerance for bullying, it’s shocking to see the producers gleefully capitalising on this toxic behaviour. Nine is treading dangerously close to the edge here,” wrote one.

“Can we please go back to seeing some actual building and stop showing so much of Leah and Kristy’s unpleasantness?” requested another disgruntled viewer.

TV insiders say it’s forced Nine to take a long hard look at their prized renovation show.

“The viewer numbers have plummeted, they absolutely don’t want another repeat of this year,” claimed one. But a Nine spokesperson says reports of falling ratings are false.

“There are so many shattered relationships,” says Eliza.

(Credit: Nine)

“The Block is averaging 1.280 million total TV viewers per episode – 31 per cent more than My Kitchen Rules,” they said in a statement.

Michael Healy, Nine’s Director of Television, said, “These numbers speak for themselves. The Block is an unrivalled powerhouse on Australian television. The fact that more than 40 per cent of the country has tuned into this series is a phenomenal achievement.”

“We never take the loyalty of our viewers for granted and look forward to delivering a cracking crescendo to the current season, before an unprecedented 20th series in 2024.”

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