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EXCLUSIVE: The Block’s Kristy and Brett deny being “villains”

''Let’s not forget that this is a game.''
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The Block’s Kristy and Brett let their competitive tactics slip during the 23rd episode but assure TV WEEK they aren’t “villains” just “pot stirrers.”

Viewers have seen a clear divide begin to form on The Block between Steph and fellow contestants Leah and Kristy.

“We’re not villains, we’re pot stirrers.”

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During Master Bedroom week, Kristy confessed to becoming “more savage” recently and her target is Steph.

“Steph is very easy to get into her head. I can easily suggest something as a throw away comment and it will eat her away and I did that,” she told camera crew.

“Let’s not forget that this is a game and if anyone doesn’t think it wasn’t a game plan to be friendly at the beginning, their underestimating us.”

Kristy said its “easy” to get into Steph’s head.

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In an exclusive interview with TV WEEK, Kristy confessed anything could “throw a spanner” in Steph’s work.

“So light-heartedly, I would just mess with her sometimes, like stir the pot and just chuck a little bomb here and there… It would rattle her a little bit,” she said.

While talking with her fellow contestants, Steph admitted to feeling “insecure” about her Master Bedroom when Kristy strategically suggested she “ulitise” the roof using beams, knowing the upstairs beams would run in a different direction to the lower level and therefore be “contradicting.”

“That’s literally all I did and walked away. Then we were sitting in our lounge room, her plasterers came in and they were like ‘yeah thanks for that Kristy. You’ve made Steph review our whole thing and we’ve got to work overnight now’,” Kristy told TV WEEK.

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Kristy’s partner Brett also is loving the “game plan,” after watching Kristy’s calculated move come to fruition.

“If [Steph] thinks [Kristy has] a genuine relationship with her then she’d be stupid. Like if she believes it because [Kristy’s] clearly messing with her.”

During the exclusive chat, Brett referred to Steph as a “little wind-up toy” before stating: “We’re not villains, we’re pot stirrers.”

The two have stirred the pot yet again but it has not had the effect that they had hoped for.

The Block films the contestants ‘wake-ups’ to ensure they get them at every second of the day, Brett admits he didn’t know about this aspect of the show.

Brett apologised to the crew but it didn’t come easily.

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Brett decided he was not up for it and lashed out at crew members. They tried reasoning by explaining that this was their job and not to take things personally.

“I’m trying to find some f-cking space from you. Every morning! Go harass someone else, for f-ck’s sake,” he spat, raising his voice at the crew. “Leave me the f-ck alone. I’m sick of it. Do you ever stop?”

After a talk with foreman Dan, Brett was forced to apologise to the crew.

One expressed his understanding of the anger but insisted, ” I don’t talk to you like that. If you’d have just said, ‘Mate, I’m in a foul mood, just give me 10 minutes,’ we would have,”

It seems as though the team have forgotten who they’re trying to stir up!

Kristy and Brett slammed back at these allegations on Hit Breakfast with Maz & Matty and criticised Eliza on her ongoing “smear campaign”.

“Maybe she’s got her own issues that she’s trying to cover up or something but yeah, certainly chucking out allegations about making people cry, like the production and crew know exactly what happened.” Kristy accused.

“Maybe she’s trying to get a radio deal, maybe that’s what it is,” she added.

Before Brett jumped in and said to Matty and Maz, “Look out for your jobs guys, she’s coming for your spot in media”.

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