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Is The Block tearing apart Tom and Sarah-Jane’s marriage? Fans are concerned

''I don’t see these two together for the future''.
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The Block frontrunner Sarah-Jane has been joking on camera about finding her next husband as she and Tom start to get to the pointy end of the reno series. But sources say the pressure the show is having on the pair’s three-year marriage is no laughing matter.

During one recent fiery on-camera confrontation, Tom called his wife “an absolute feral rat”, causing Sarah-Jane to see red.

“Alright, let’s go! I’ll show you feral,” she retorted. And that was before host Scott Cam last week remarked that there was almost a divorce in House 1.

The pressure is becoming too much.

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Now Sarah-Jane admits to Woman’s Day appearing on the reality show has taken its toll on the couple.

“We prepared ourselves for a really emotional and exhausting experience,” says the 30-year-old, who confesses the couple’s biggest weaknesses in the competition “would [be] our hot-headedness and just bickering with each other, which can be a time-waster”.

Tom’s admitted he’s been taking his “stress out” on his wife, and while Sarah-Jane says the pair tried to “be mindful” of how tired the other was while filming, the marriage meltdowns were inevitable.

Fans have been commenting about the cracks that have started to show on camera.

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“I wonder if Tom is watching the series with different feelings about his relationship,” commented one. “SJ has been very demeaning to Tom throughout the series. I do feel they will split up.”

“I don’t see these two together for the future,” commented another.

Another viewer went a step further. “The way she speaks to her husband is disgusting… why does no one mention this about her?” wrote one online commenter.

Fans are worried they will split!

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The parents-of-one have even been compared to another controversial couple on The Block, who became known for their own tumultuous relationship on the show – Deanne and Darren Jolly.

The pair, who appeared in both the 2014 and 2015 series, famously even bickered in their audition tape. “Sometimes he’s a bit insensitive,” Dea said, while Darren revealed, “She can be short… she can snap.”

It came as no great surprise to viewers when the couple split in 2019 after 13 years of marriage.

But Sarah-Jane says her onscreen relationship with Tom, 34, is different to their off-screen one.

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“Outside of The Block, we hardly fight. You’ll never be in an environment like that again. The pressure just got to us,” says Sarah-Jane.

“When you’re stressed constantly, you take it out on the one you love the most, well I do anyway. If I’m upset or stressed, where’s my husband? I need to yell at someone, please bring him to me so I can do it to him.”

While a TV insider reveals there are further onscreen fireworks to come for the pair, Sarah-Jane insists they won’t let The Block tear them up.

“We have dealt with more daunting and harder experiences in life,” she tells Woman’s Day. “We knew we had each other’s backs no matter what.

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