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From a rugby player to Mr. Italy, meet The Bachelorette 2020 contestants vying for Elly and Becky Miles’ hearts

But who will connect with which sister?
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As The Bachelor Locky Gilbert’s search for love reaches the thorn pointed end of his journey, the countdown to The Bachelorette with sister duo Elly and Becky Miles begins.

Fans are eagerly waiting to see exactly how The Bachelorette‘s first ever double season will play out.

And judging by the first teaser for the show, it’s not just the fans who are wondering how two Bachelorette’s will work.

Double trouble and double the love.

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While we didn’t quite get a clear answer, we did get a peek at the eligible men hoping to win over Elly and/or Becky.

As the tantalising teaser aired, eagle eyed fans identified some of the handsome men set to appear.

From a rugby star to Mr Italy, we meet all the uncovered contestants so far.

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Andrew, 30, SA

Tour guide Andrew falls hard and fast, although his line of work has meant many of his past relationships have broken down due to distance.

“I’ve never really been “one of the lads” and I feel like some men struggle to talk about their feelings,” he says. “I definitely try to project a happy and positive version of myself most of the time, but like everyone, I have my ups and downs.”

Andrew’s ideal woman is an Aussie with a quick wit who is able to “laugh freely and deeply.”

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Adam, 24, WA

This down-to-earth Geologist and football fan certainly appeared to be taken with the Miles sisters right off the bat.

“The girls were stunning – I couldn’t take my eyes off them. My eyes were going left and right,” he says in an on-screen interview in a trailer.

Having pushed away love in the past, Adam is finally ready to meet a “glass-half-full kind of girl” to be his rock through life’s ups and downs.

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Adrian, 26, QLD

Kite surfing instructor and modern-day nomad Adrian is always looking for the next big adventure.

He hopes that his positive energy will attract a natural beauty with amazing eyes and a warm personality.

“I’m a really nice, loving person, very fun with a happy mindset and attitude,” he says.

(Channel Ten)


Agostini, 30, VIC

A passionate barber-turned-business-owner, ‘Aggi’ is a huge believer in love at first sight.

He describes himself as “a frog looking for his princess” and can’t wait to finally find his happy ending with an ambitious girl with a huge heart.

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Jake, 26, WA

It wouldn’t be The Bachelorette without a man in costume, and this one definitely has abs worthy of flaunting.

An explosives handler in the mines by day, Jake hopes to add some spice to our Bachelorettes’ lives, using his cheeky humour to keep them laughing till the very end.

“When I have the chance to get romantic, I embrace it! I am a very creative person, so my ideas are pretty wild,” he says.

(Channel Ten)


Frazer, 28, QLD

Concreter Frazer may have admitted he was “nervous” approaching the mansion but confidently states: “I can’t wait to meet the love of my life,” in a recent trailer.

Beneath his rugged good looks is a sensitive lad who is always willing to go that extra mile for the one he loves.

“I just love making the other person feel happy and special,” he says. “Whether it be sunset picnics, special dinners, romantic weekends or just surprises that put a smile on their face.”

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Harry, 35, SA

Single dad Harry says he’s on the show to find the love of his life and adds that love is “the most amazing thing.”

When not on site, the builder likes to unwind by sitting around a campfire at his family’s farm with a good bottle of wine.

Judging by Becky’s reaction when they met on the red carpet, it’s likely Sam will receive a rose straight-up. He admitted he made her “feel comfortable” and got her a little hot under the collar.

(Channel Ten)


Nick, 25, NSW

Despite walking the line between being confident and cocky, Nick often finds himself struggling to string a sentence together around someone he likes!

Still, this self-proclaimed “loyal, honest and energetic” support worker is looking to be “blown away” in the Bachie mansion by a girl who isn’t afraid to make the first move.

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James, 28, QLD

He might be a dare-devil in the sporting arena, but pro-wakeboarder James is more reserved when it comes to matters of the heart – especially since his most recent break-up.

Driven, competitive and caring, his hobbies include surfing, fitness, music and “anything with a thrill.”

(Channel Ten)


Shannon, 30, NSW

Raised in a strict Christian household where family comes first, Shannon was taught that a meaningful relationship requires patience, compromise and selflessness.

He is looking for someone who is affectionate, loving and supportive and believes that the best dates are those with an instant connection.

Shannon has five brothers, works in sales and admits he has an “unhealthy obsession with singing shows.”

(Channel Ten)


Saj, 25, SA

With his big smile and the mysterious looking red gift he can be seen sporting on the red carpet, Saj looks like a sweetheart.

Hailing from Afghanistan, the personal trainer is multilingual and hopes to impress our ladies with the language of love. As for what turns him on most when persuing a woman? “Their energy, how they treat others and their passion for their goal.”

(Channel Ten)


Trent, 31, WA

Finance broker Trent is a sensitive soul, which he attributes to his close relationship with his mother.

“Girls will say I’m a player, which I am not,” he says. “I’m ladsy, but I’m also spiritual and in-touch with my emotions and feelings.”

(Channel Ten)


Pascale, 33, NSW

Having represented Australia in various dodgeball tournaments, Pascale, a fun-loving healthcare company CEO, works hard and plays harder.

“I look and sometimes act like a party boy, but deep down there’s so much more to me and my purpose,” he says.

He’s hoping to find a partner who is wholesome, motivated and health-conscious with high emotional intelligence.

(Channel Ten)


Sam, 35, NSW

Instilled with strong Italian values, lawyer Sam is on a mission to find a love like the one his parents had. His family and friends are his everything and it’s important to him to find a partner that feels the same.

His dream date would involve an activity like a hot air balloon ride, scuba diving or snorkelling, followed by a nice meal in a scenic location or by a fire.

“I really like Sam, I just can’t stop smiling,” 30-year-old Becky admitted after meeting the suitor.

(Channel Ten)


Samuel, 27, NSW

An old soul with a “massive heart” and slight psychic abilities, Sam has a lot of love to give.

When not working as a musculoskeletal therapist, he revels in life’s simple joys and wants nothing more than a partner to shower with affection and smother with kisses.

(Channel Ten)


Joe Woodbury

The season is yet to begin but well known footballer Joe is already being pegged the front runner – and for good reason.

It appears Elly is already following the Newcastle rugby player on Instagram, they may have crossed paths, and even dated, prior to the show.

(Channel Ten)


Pete Mann

Adelaide based café owner Pete may be in the running for Becky’s heart, having been snapped during filming on a single date with the older sister.

(Channel Ten)


Damien Stone

Handsome, blue-eyed property valuer Damien instantly captured fans attention as he arrived in a white tux in the first trailer.

Charismatic, honest and fun-loving, he enjoys kicking back with the boys and relaxing in front of a romantic comedy with a glass of wine.

“I’m a big fan of rom-coms. I grew up with two little sisters, so they were always on,” he says.

(Channel Ten)


Rudy El Kholti

No stranger to fame 30-year-old Rudy has a whopping 32,000 social media following.

The professional fitness model was named Mister Italy in 2019.

(Channel Ten)


Ab Sow

One of our favourite moments from The Bachelorette teaser came from Ab Sow as he tried to comprehend what having two Bachelorettes meant.

Listing his Instagram bio as a model, filmmaker and TV star, fans may recognise him from Australia’s Got Talent 2016 dance troupe act, EQUALS.

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