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Does this huge clue totally give away who wins The Bachelorette 2021? Brooke Blurton’s true love may have already leaked

We've been proven right before.
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The Bachelorette 2021 finale is on the horizon, but some fans are convinced they already know who wins the season – and Brooke Blurton’s heart.

With 16 men and women entering the mansion this year, the 26-year-old Bachelorette really was spoiled for choice.

But she’s already confessed to TV WEEK that she found “her person” on the show and can’t wait for the world to see who it is.

“I want to get some normality back into life, doing the relationship things – like going on dates and combining both our worlds,” she said of her relationship, which she has had to keep secret.

Brooke was paired up with 16 men and women this season.


“In the next couple of years, I’d love to look at having a family. That’s my motivation.”

Though many of us are eagerly waiting to see who she ends up with in the Bachelorette finale, some superfans are convinced they already know who Brooke chose!

So how did they figure it out, and more importantly, who is it?

Once upon a time fans could figure out the winner by keeping an eye on the editing in the premiere; tell-tale signs were a music swell, longer screen time, a ‘smitten’ on-camera interview after their first meeting.

But, as we saw with the finale of Jimmy Nicholson’s recent season of The Bachelor Australia, 10 has been stepping it up with trickery in the editing department.

And while Brooke can’t very well spill the beans and reveal who she’s picked, fans can rely on hidden clues and spoiler alerts to keep them going until the finale airs this week.

It may be laughed off by some, but this ‘little clue’ has proven to be true time and time again on The Masked Singer, The Bachelor, The Voice, MasterChef – need we go on?

The clue is this: the winner of the show is leaked ahead of time to people in betting agencies like SportsBet and TAB. Meaning the betting odds they offer up are a relatively clear indication of who wins.

While the runner-up and lower down contestants will sometimes change order, the ‘winner’ typically remains the same.

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Who is in top spot at the moment? Darvid, the 27-year-old landscaper and ‘Persian Prince’ who arrived on a ride-on lawnmower, surprising Brooke and catching her attention in an instant.

Considering he was one of the first contestants to be shown from this season, we’d say he’s a clear-favourite even beyond the betting odds.

“The connection with Darvid is really strong already… Everyone’s threatened by him. Everyone’s jealous of him,” Brooke said in an early episode, and their connection has only grown stronger as the season went on.

As for second place, SportsBet has tipped former The Bachelor star Jamie-Lee Dayz, then lists Holly in third place.

Who is in top spot at the moment? Darvid, the 27-year-old landscaper and ‘Persian Prince’.


Meanwhile, TAB places Holly as second and Jamie-Lee as third, so there’s still debate about which positions the runners up will take.

As we said, it gets a bit less reliable the further down the list you go, but one thing is clear, Darvid is the favourite… for now!

The Bachelorette Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on 10.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Who.

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