Who has stolen The Bachelors hearts? Fans believe they know who will win the 2023 season

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The Bachelor Australia 2023 has only just begun and already fans are predicting which suitor will walk away with a certain bachelorette, and who will walk away single.

The eleventh season commenced on December 1, but there are already strong love connections for Bachelors Ben and Luke. However, based on predictions, fans seem unsure about Wesley’s connections.

Who will the boys choose?

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Fans have rushed to popular betting website, Sportsbet to place their bets on who will steal which Bachelors hearts.

For Bachelor Ben Waddell, fans believe contestant Mckenna will be his choice with odds currently at 1.57.

In second place is Caitlin with odds of 4.00 and rounding up the top three in line for Ben’s heart is Ellie with odds of 5.00.

The Bachelor aired on December 1.

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“Country charm” Luke Bateman is predicted to enter a relationship with Ellie in The Bachelors season finale, with odds currently placed at 1.54. Not far behind her in second place in Aarthi with odds of 3.00.

While it is a tight competition between Ellie and Aarthi, it seems none of the other contestants have formed a strong connection as the option of Luke leaving a single man has been ranked third most likely to happen with odds of 7.00.

All bets are off for suitor Wesley Senna Cortes he formed a strong connection with Brea Marshall, and has decided to enter an exclusive relationship with her. Fans correctly guessed Brea would be who Wes partnered up with. Odds were previously sitting at 1.72, with him likely to leave single ranked second with odds of 2.00 – which was a higher than his Bachelor co-stars.

Wes and Brea will remain in the experience while fellow Bachies Ben and Luke continue their pursuit.

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Sportsbet has made accurate predictions in the past with other reality television series including The Masked Singer, My Kitchen Rules and Big Brother.

Despite Wes admitting to TV WEEK the “bro code” was tested throughout the 2023 season, the suitors have very different contestants in their top three – according to fan predictions.

However, the finale is yet to be release and therefore predictions could be changed.

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