Osher Gunsberg on why the word ‘retirement’ isn’t in his vocabulary

Unstoppable Osher.
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Long before Osher Günsberg was the host of The Bachelors, he found himself on the dole, delivering groceries to pensioners to make ends meet.

It’s then that he made a vow to himself that would change his life.

The host with the most… jobs on TV!

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“I was meeting people who would just sit around all day,” Osher, 49, tells TV WEEK of that time.

“I thought, ‘I don’t want to finish my career and just wait to die – I’m never going to stop.’ You need a sense of purpose, and someone to do it for.”

That someone the 2023 TV WEEK Gold Logie nominee does it for is his wife Audrey Griffen, stepdaughter Georgia, 19, and four-year-old son Wolfie.

“All I want do is make sure my kids have every opportunity,” he says. “If I can do something to facilitate that, I want to, but not at the expense of preventing them from learning something.”

Osher with Bachelors (from left) Wes, Ben and Luke.

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When The Bachelors filmed in Melbourne for the first time this year, it meant being away from his family.

“It sucks not being around them, but my schedule was quite intense this season, so it didn’t warrant them coming,” he says. “My life on set becomes a training montage when I’m away from my family.”

Osher’s “montage” on set is a rigorous routine: of physical training, “serious journalling” and working. It’s a regimen he’s near perfected, as you might expect from someone who’s hosted 23 seasons of television shows. However, he still knows when to pull back.

“I’m pretty aware that TV can’t go on when cold sores show up,” he jokes.

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