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The Bachelor’s new raunchy rule is bound to create some drama

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The Bachelor was once considered a wholesome show created to help people find true love, yet the upcoming season is set to feature some changes – and we aren’t talking about three lead Bachelor’s, but the new sex exception.

The new eligible Bachies, Felix Von Hofe, Jed McIntosh and Thomas Malucelli, appeared on the KIIS fm Kyle and Jackie O Show – with the former Bachelor contestant Brittany Hockley filling in for Jackie – when the boys revealed the new rule.

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In typical Kyle Sandilands fashion, he abruptly asked: “Any rooting on this season?”

“You have the option,” Felix revealed.

Brittany, who was on Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins’ season of The Bachelor in 2018 was shocked given the prior seasons limited such relations.

“Wrong season darling, sorry! You could have got smashed against a wall,” Jed jokingly responded. When Brittany added: “Had my toes sucked, who knows what could have happened!”

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However, it is yet to be confirmed if the Bachelors participated in the new rule as Kyle asked whether there was “any action” on or off camera, before Jed redirected the question to Felix.

“I reckon it gets much steamier than it has on any of the other Bachelors before, but I will say, like obviously these days there’s a consent chat and everything to happen, so if you’re still in the mood after a 40 minute chat of, you know, ‘Are both parties willing?'” Felix shared.

Brittany remained shocked by the new exception claiming the upcoming season set to air on January 9 on Channel 10 is a “new” franchise.

“This is very new to the franchise, very new to me, you’re not even left alone on the previous season, you could not even do anything if you tried,” she said.

“How does it work now? Do you get like a suite that you’re allowed to go to and obviously there’s no cameras, it’s more like implied, ‘Go have a good night’. Or is it just like a time frame that you’ve got to get back to action?”

Jed explained: “(the Bachelors) have the option if you want to, you know, hang out with them later, you can do that” especially with the boys’ penthouse having separate rooms, a spa and a pool.

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