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SPOILER ALERT! This major clue hints at who wins The Bachelor Australia 2021

Is history about to repeat itself?
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Every season of The Bachelor Australia comes with its own array of theories based on the simplest of clues.

The music that plays when the ladies make their grand entrance, the way the final three contestants stand at the rose ceremony and, of course, who could forget the dress theory.

In the past, the dress theory has referred to the fact that the winner is often seen wearing a lighter coloured gown in the finale.

It was true when Matty J chose Laura Byrne, when Richie Strahan chose Alex Nation, and even way back when Tim Robards chose Anna Heinrich on the first season.

In fact, the only time the dress theory did not ring true was when Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins opted to choose no one in his 2018 finale.

The dress theory has been right every single time.

(Image: 10)

But in 2021, the theory is taken to the next level as bachelor Jimmy Nicholson’s top two ladies appear on-screen in strikingly familiar ensembles.

Fans of the show will remember the 2020 finale when Locky Gilbert made the tough choice between Irena Srbinovska and Bella Varelis – two women he had fallen hard for. He gave his final rose to Irena and, one year later, the pair are still happily loved up.

In the final episode, Irena wore a ‘lighter coloured’ dress – just barely – as she opted for a high-neck leopard print frock, while Bella wore a strapless purple dress.

In the first-look teaser ahead of tonight’s finale, Holly Kingston and Brooke Cleal can be seen in near-identical gowns.

Animal print may not seem like the ‘lighter’ option to some, but wearing the exact same style as last year’s winner seems like a pretty solid clue. Does this mean what we think it means?

Bella and Irena in the 2020 season finale of The Bachelor.

(Image: 10)

We’re not the only ones seeing double… right?

(Image: 10)

Matching Holly and Brooke to the memorable looks of season’s past, we can’t help but wonder if The Bachelor wardrobe department are hinting at something. Or, perhaps, trying to throw fans off-course. Consider us hooked!

It’s not the first clue to hint at Holly being the winner, with the blonde beauty being placed front and centre in the ‘Top 3’ photo – another solid Bachie theory.

Flanked by Brooke and Jay, who both wore gold gowns, Holly was seen wearing silver as she stood in centre place for the picture.

From Matt Agnew’s season with Chelsie McLeod standing between Abbie Chatfield and Helena Sauzier, to Matty J’s season with Laura standing between Tara Pavlovic and Elise Stacy, this is another Bachie theory that has proven true on multiple occasions.

Holly shines bright as she stands in the middle of Brooke and Jay.

(Image: 10)

Laura is flanked by Elise and Tara.

(Image: 10)

Chelsie won Matt’s heart in the finale.

(Image: 10)

Say what you will, but the theory has certainly proven itself in the past!

Whether Jimmy has given his final rose to Holly or Brooke will all become clear in a mere matter of hours.

The Bachelor Australia finale airs Thursday, 7:30pm on 10.

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