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George Mladenov on the controversial strategies on The Amazing Race that everyone’s talking about

Master manipulator.
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When Australian Survivor star George Mladenov was announced as a contestant on The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition, he received a message on Instagram from one of his former schoolteachers that reminded him how his life had come full circle.

“I’ve been such a huge Amazing Race fan since I was in primary school,” George, 33, tells TV WEEK.

“I’ve been such a huge Amazing Race fan.”

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“My Year Six teacher, Mrs Perry, told me I brought in a recorded video tape of an episode and made the whole class watch it. To now have the chance to play is a dream come true.”

George, who christened himself “King George of Bankstown”, a suburb in Sydney’s west, when he was on Australian Survivor, is appearing on The Amazing Race alongside his sister Pamela, 29, who he admits he’s “fiercely protective of”.

“Family is important to the Macedonian and Greek communities that we’re a part of,” George explains. “I do everything for my family beyond anything else. So if any of the other teams do something to hurt my sister, I’ll be gunning for them.”

George became a supervillain on Australian Survivor.

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George became a supervillain when appearing on Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn in 2021 and again this year on Australian Survivor: Heroes V Villains, showcasing his skills as a master manipulator, which he’s now turned into a book, How To Win Friends And Manipulate People. It goes on sale in November.

His tactics have helped him not only during his time on Survivor, but when working in politics and community groups in Bankstown. It’s a skill he’ll be taking into The Amazing Race.

“I use my ability to make friends and manipulate people every single day,” George says.

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Although he’s received a lot of online criticism for how he deals with people, he doesn’t let it get to him.

“I’ve always been nothing but myself, and people find that entertaining and provocative,” George says. “Love me or hate me, you love to see me on your TV screen.”

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