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The Amazing Race Australia 2022: Find out which teams have been eliminated

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The Amazing Race Australia 2022 is full of unexpected turns, drama and generally getting lost as 20 teams race around the globe.

This year’s contestants will travel to Africa, Europe, Asia, South America and North America in an attempt to win the biggest prize in The Amazing Race Australia history.

All teams will be pushed to their physical and mental limits, but if they arrive to the final destination last, they will be eliminated from the competition.

We have all the drama covered! Continue scrolling to find out which teams have been eliminated.

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Pako and Mori

Pako and Mori


This beautiful couple were fan favourites. But sadly, Mori struggled to push through a challenge involving climbing Optus Stadium which saw him dangle upside-down.

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Episode sixteen

Chelsea and Jamus**

The teams quickly discovered they would continue the race without resting, but Chelsea and Jamus prepared themselves to lose the race. Chelsea faced her fears but sadly the team was eliminated at their second Virtual pit stop.

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Episode fifteen

Jodie and Claire

Despite starting the leg of the competition in last position, the mums were ready for anything. However, Jodie and Claire struggled with a detour. The pair admitted to knowing they would finish in last place.

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Episode fourteen

Fliss and Tottie

Fliss sadly sprained her ankle on the way to a detour, and the medic determined they could not complete the race. Although they didn’t achieve their goal of becoming the first all-female team as well as the youngest team to take out the competition, they still felt like winners.

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Episode thirteen

Flick and Gabby

The business owner’s are used to a challenge. While they kept up in the previous 12 race legs, the musical detour was too challenging – the second last team beat them just by 25 seconds.

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Episode twelve

Stuart and Glennon

This episode was emotionally draining for the pair as they entered the orphanage. Stuart fought back tears as he spoke about his childhood and losing his parents, including being away from his daughter. After struggling to complete the final challenge, Glennon and Stuart decide to take a time penalty but were ultimately last to arrive at the pit stop.

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Episode ten

Kathy and Chase

The lawyers missed several legs of the race due to coronavirus. But in their return to the competition, they had to start at after at the other teams and complete a Speed Bump challenge. All these challenges slowed them down with no chance of catching up.

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Episode Nine

Morgan and Lilli

The 10-year-long best friends were going so well until a speedboat challenge slowed them down! The pair had some challenges throughout the race including lack of sleep, running 100 kilometres a day, and how to “hold a map” the right way. But Morgan and Lilli admitted to still having fun.

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Episode Eight

Tammy and Vincent

Competition superfans were in two minds about arriving to the mat last. Vincent tried to remain hopeful, meanwhile Tammy tried to prepare themselves for elimination. However, they still consider themselves ‘lucky’ to have gotten so far in the competition.

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Episode seven

Crystal and Reem

Crystal and Reem were confident at the beginning of the race, but their hopes of competing diminished as they realised they were lagging behind by a few hours. But at least they got a chance to meet a sassy robot at the end as host Beau Ryan was in isolation.

Episode Six

Sam and Stu

It was a challenging week for the pair, but despite their best efforts their race came to an end. Although they were disappointed to be leaving the competition, they were “so proud of ourselves” Stu told 10 Play.

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Episode four

Sam and Alex

The pair slipped behind early, but their downfall was the detour challenge. Following their elimination, Alex told 10 play “I’m just sad it was cut so short.”

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Episode Three

Jake and Holly

Jake and Holly arrived to the platform first, but an unfortunate decision to take a time penalty lead them to watching every other team arrive just after them. The pair admitted the result was “gut-wrenching”.

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Episode Two

Bren and Anja

The pair were off to a slow start which cost them the competition. Despite this, Bren and Anja were so grateful for the opportunity to compete. “It was the adventure of a lifetime,” Bren said.

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First Episode

Paul and Rachel

The dad and daughter team were the first team to leave the competition. The duo mentioned they were both disappointed for being eliminated so quickly, but they would love to try again.

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