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EXCLUSIVE: Meet Survivor’s first baby as Mark Wales and Samantha Gash introduce their son

Season two’s Mark Wales and Samantha Gash on their adorable son Harry.
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Mark Wales, 38, met Samantha Gash, 33, on season two of Australian Survivor and after being eliminated, the pair fell in love and this year gave birth to their first child Harry.

Four months in and they’re simply loving parenthood.

“We love being parents,” Samantha and Mark reveal.

The endurance pair currently live in Melbourne together with little Harry and have embarked on an adventurous Aussie lifestyle together, taking Harry with them wherever they go.

Baby Harry when he was just eight weeks old

In preparation for an endurance project with World Vision in 2019, the couple (and Harry) are currently visiting Aboriginal communities in the Western Desert from 23rd – 27th July as a part of the ‘Walk With Us’ program established by World Vision and their little bundle of joy is being the perfect travel companion.

“He’s very chilled, he just goes along for the ride,” says Samantha.

“He’s got such a calm personality, he’s even calmed me down a lot,” she adds.

Samantha, who is currently still breastfeeding Harry, says that she often calls upon her old team mates from Survivor to babysit on the trips while she takes the stage for any talks she might have to do.

Mark and Samantha love being parents

“We’ve had Tara and AK help out on some trips before. I often express a few bottles of milk before I get on stage so if Harry gets hungry, there are no disasters!’ Laughs Samantha.

When the couple met for the first time, they admit it was not love at first sight. “We were so immersed in the game,” says Mark.

“But I did think she was the hottest contestant there,” laughs Mark.

Mark, who is also busy launching his own fashion brand Kill Kapture also does well to balance his duties as a father and a busy athlete.

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Samantha says baby Harry is very calm

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“I wouldn’t say no to going on Survivor again. I did love being on the show,” Mark admits.

The pair admit that they’re all geared up to watch the latest season and can’t wait to see the new format of champions versus contenders.

Survivor is anyone’s game. The least likely to win can often come forward and win the show,” says Samantha.

Meanwhile the couple are all up for having baby number two as soon as the time is right and Mark is keen to get married soon.

“I want to get married soon,” Mark admits. “Yeah you’ll have to ask me though first!” Laughs Samantha who says it’s a man’s role to do the proposal bit.

Australian Survivor is set to premiere at 7.30pm on Wednesday 1 August, on TEN and WIN Network

“I want to get married soon,” Mark admits.

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