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Survivor winner Hayley Leake shares baby news!

''I'll see if I can start my own tribe.''
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Hayley knows George wants revenge for her beating him in Australian Survivor: Brains vs Brawn in 2021.

”But what I have to figure out is: when does he want to take me out?” she tells TV WEEK.

”Like, is he willing to take me all the way to the end?”

Post-merge in Heroes V Villains, Hayley, 32, has been loving the chance to work with George – which is something she wanted to do all along.

”If my tribe thought I would work with him, then they would have taken me out,” she explains.

Liz, Hayley and Shonee are all in on something.

(IMAGE: Channel 10)

While in the Heroes’ tribe, Hayley was forced to ”play low” because of the power of the ”meat tray” alliance of Shaun Hampson, David Zaharakis, Sam Webb and Matt Sharp.

”They were playing a bit boring,” she says.

”The Villains clearly had more fun.”

Her proudest moment so far has been voting out David at the merge.

”To start taking out the meat tray that was blocking my play the whole time was really satisfying,” she says.

Will George and Hayley make it to the final two once more?

(IMAGE: Channel 10)

As well as loving working with George, Hayley has loved working with Shonee.

”She’s hilarious, but also scary, because she’s so good. Everyone has this feeling they want to be her best friend forever.”

In the most drama-filled week of Heroes vs Villains yet, Hayley makes some huge moves. Will she take out George before he can do the same to her?

No matter who wins, Hayley and George will remain friends outside the game.

”He’ll be at my wedding in a few weeks,” Hayley reveals.

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