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Survivor’s Hayley Leake says George will get her vote if he makes it to final two

The former winner also opened up about Simon's ''shenanigans.''
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When it was announced that 2021 Brains vs Brawns winner Hayley Leake would be marooning herself on the tropical island of Samoa for a brand new season of Survivor, fans thought she would be one of the first (if not THE first) to have her torch snuffed.

But much to viewers and Hayley’s surprise, the one time winner lasted an impressive 38 days, playing a low key game and striking from the shadows before she was ultimately blindside after betraying George.

And even though it was disappointing to not secure the title of sole survivor (and the hefty pay day that comes with it) once more, Hayley says she is stoked to last so long a second time around.

Hayley went out in true Survivor style – an epic blindside.

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”Watching it all back just made me feel really happy with how far I go in the game considering my odds as a former winner,” Hayley tells TV Week the morning after her elimination.

”I thought that my only chance of getting to the end was to play a low key game because I was the only former winner out there.

”Another thing about me is that I have a track record of winning individual challenges as well and have a big resume so I didn’t think with this baggage I would get as far as I did. It was pretty dangerous!” Hayley laughs.

Hayley and George are in real life BFFs.

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A Survivor superfan herself, Hayley was very quick to analyse the gameplay of her fellow competitors, but what of her own?

”Watching it back I’ve been calling Nina and George asking, ‘what if I did this or that?’ and ‘would you have done this differently’. But I’m so at peace with my Survivor journey,” Hayley says.

Despite this, Hayley says that if Nina had chosen to work with her and Simon to blindside ‘King’ George, she had a clear strategy to make it to the final two.

”With George out of the game it would have made Nina one of the biggest threats to win because she has a lot of friends on the jury. I would have kept her in there for quite a while and worked with her to get rid of other players and use her as a shield until the end.”

Despite starting on opposite tribes, George and Hayley founds ways to communicate to each other covertly throughout the game.

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Interestingly, Hayley says that Simon’s ”shenanigans” that have played out to an audience of millions on screen, were completely unbeknownst to her whilst she was working with him.

”I think Simon was playing a game within a game,” Hayley laughs.

”I can confirm that I was not privy to any of his shenanigans including when he threw away the rice and papaya at camp.”

Simon, oh Simon….

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Speaking of entertaining players, we just had to ask Hayley about her relationship with her in real life BFF, especially considering George orchestrated her blindside from the game.

”What you see on screen is George in real life through and through. His mind works at a million minds a minute, the man just doesn’t sleep.”

”He’s very passionate about the game and we are so lucky I think as fans to have someone who is so smart and passionate.’

Hayley also proved herself to be a strong physical threat during challenges.

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So, who is Hayley betting her money on to make it to the final two?

”I’ll always be George’s number one fan. I think he has played an incredible game. No one has come close to how well he is playing,” Hayley says.

”His challenge now will be making it to the end but if he does he will be getting my vote.”

With two stints on Survivor in two years, Hayley is now looking forward to taking some time to relax.

”I’m keen to have a bit of quiet time. And I’m pretty excited about my wedding in three weeks.”

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