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EXCLUSIVE: Sam Wood talks his and Snezana Markoski’s wedding prep and his fitness tips for new mums

The former Bachelor talks shredding for the wedding and getting into shape post-baby.
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Since Sam Wood first saw Snezana Markoski walk towards him at the Bachelor mansion in 2015, a lot has happened.

Not only did the couple confess their love for one another on the reality show, but they’ve also moved in together along with Snezana’s eldest daughter Eve, welcomed baby Willow Wendy into the world and are currently preparing to tie the knot.

But when it comes to shredding for the wedding, Sam and his bride-to-be are not stressed about dropping the kilos hard and fast but are taking it all easy. We chatted exclusively to the former Bachelor about wedding plans and exercising with a baby in tow.

The countdown to the wedding is on! (Image: Instagram @samjameswood)

While Australia’s first Bachelor Tim Robards and his leading lady Anna Heinrich tied the knot in a lavish ceremony in Southern Italy earlier this year, Sam and Snezana have opted for a more low-key Byron Bay wedding in Australia.

“We were going to get married last year,” Sam previously to Woman’s Day. “We’d booked a venue overseas, paid a deposit, a non-refundable one, and Snez found out she was pregnant about seven days later.”

And the big day is fast approaching, with both couples shredding (to an extent) for the wedding.

“The wedding is at the very end of this year, getting close, getting very excited,” Sam told Now To Love.

“I know Snez is very conscious about having her final dress fitting and not being able to change too much so she’s trying to get in as good a shape as she can for that final dress fitting. Then she’ll just stay the same or the guys making her dress will go mad at her!”

“Within reason, we want to be fit and healthy and looking good for those photos but we’re not overdoing it.”

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We know these two scrub up nicely so the photos are bound to look amazing! (Images L-R: Network Ten/Instagram @snezanawood)

Sam and Snez recently celebrated daughter Willow’s first birthday and it seems the cheeky tot is already developing her own personality when the family go on a walk together.

“Willow starts in the pram, I end up having to carry her for probably half the walk and her new thing is she insists on pushing the pram for the last little bit on our way home,” Sam jokes.

“Exercising the four of us is a bit tricky with Eve being 13 and Willow is one, but with walking, it’s just a good thing that we can all do. No phones, none of that stuff, it’s good to get Evie to just switch off technology for an hour and just get out together and maybe go and walk for breakfast.”

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Snez may be in training mode now, but back when Willow was tiny, Sam says that it was important that her exercise regime meant going at her own pace.

“We made sure that she started moving again when she wanted to and felt right, there was no pressure from me whatsoever,” the fitness trainer and dad said.

“We had a couple of conversations, being in the spotlight it’s natural for her to feel like there’s a bit of pressure from other people so we were really conscious about that not being the case.”

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After the all-important six week check up from the doctor when she was given the all clear, Snezana eased herself back into exercise just by walking and doing safe gentle workouts tailored by her fiance.

“My workouts are 28 minutes but I think she started out with seven minutes, just doing her pelvic floor exercises and getting those core muscles working again,” Sam reveals.

So what can new mums do to get back into the swing of things after exercising? Luckily, the former Bachelor has some top tips.

Sam’s three top fitness tips for new mums

1. Try and move your body as much as you can.

I know it’s really hard and every pregnancy is different, but while you’re pregnant, including doing your pelvic floor moves, just stay as fit and as active as you can while being safe. That will help once the baby’s born, I promise you.

2. Listen to your body.

Every pregnancy’s different, don’t feel pressure, don’t think that one bit of advice is going to be right and always consult with your doctor.

3. Don’t worry about workout intensity

Try and move your body every day but intensity doesn’t matter. Some of Snez’s best workouts still now when Willow’s one would just be going for a walk with Willow. You know, cracking up, laughing, it’s a great bonding experience, you get the blood flowing, gives the body a bit of a rest, it doesn’t have to be all bash and crash.

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