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EXCLUSIVE: Survivor’s Shonee Fairfax spills on her ”devastating” elimination and JLP’s finale absence amid coronavirus pandemic

''Any JLP is good JLP.''
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Raise your margarita glasses in commemoration, because fan favourite Shonee Fairfax and her infamous red dress have been eliminated from Australian Survivor: All-Stars.

A last-ditch effort from Shonee, Brooke and AK’s tight-knit alliance to turn Sharn and vote out David failed.

While the look on Shonee’s face spoke for itself, the personal assistant says she wasn’t all that surprised.

During a post-elimination interview with Now To Love, Shonee reveals the hilarious reaction her husband had upon her return home, and how she feels about JLP’s absence from the finale amid coronavirus fears.

Shonee formed a close bond with contestant, Brooke.

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We’re so sad to see you go! How do you feel post-elimination?

I’m so devo, I can’t believe it! Who would want to keep Dave in the game?

You gave a sly unimpressed look to Sharn when your name was on the final vote. Were you surprised it was you?

I never had 100 per cent trust in Sharn, because she had been playing both sides since the beginning. I thought it made sense for her own game plan to vote Dave out.

I told her I would turn on Brooke and AK after this vote. It made sense for her to vote out Dave but I definitely knew I was the alternative.

Shonee and Harry formed ‘The Little Rascals’ along with Nick.

You were reunited with fellow little rascal, Harry, in Jury Villa. What was that like?

Being reunited with Harry was amazing. I missed him! He was in Jury Villa for so long without any new people so he was pretty excited to see some fresh faces.

Will you be getting an invite to his impending wedding?

I’m going to be seeing Harry tonight, so I’ll definitely be checking whether I’m getting an invite. But I will be rioting if not – that would be rude as!

You have a huge fan base. Have they been reaching out or stopping you in the streets?

I love all of my sweet cherubs! I feel like I get so many DMs everyday and I always try to reply to my comments.

I just love everyone and I love talking to them about random stuff.

People do stop me in the street, I’m always happy for a chat and a selfie, I’ve perfected the selfie angle, so I’m good to go.

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Unfortunately host, JLP, is stuck in the US and isn’t making it back to host the finale in person, instead doing it via satellite, how did you take the news?

I’m devo, I love JLP, I was interested in seeing him in the flesh. But, any JLP is a good JLP so I guess video will have to be fine. I can’t wait to see everyone and catch up.

How did you find being away from your husband while on the show?

It was fine, I’m a very free range type of person. Sometimes I’m like, ‘Yeah babe, I’m going to go to Australia, I’ll see you in a couple of months.’

I definitely missed him, but you’ve gotta deal with it, that’s what you get for trying to get half a million dollars.

Was he excited to have you home?

He was so excited, but he was asking me how I’m going to get that half a mill I promised to bring home. If you have any ideas, let me know [laughs].

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