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Rebecca Gibney shares an honest admission about her crazy, intense journey on Celebrity MasterChef Australia

The stakes are high!
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In anticipation of Celebrity MasterChef Australia’s upcoming premiere, Rebecca Gibney has opened up about her roller-coaster journey on the show.

The Back To The Rafters star shared a video provided by Channel Ten featuring her highlight moments in the iconic kitchen.

In the short clips, Rebecca talks about her love of “spag bog” and simple cooking.

But she doesn’t seem confident that she will go far in the competition because she lacks technical skills.

“It’s just never going to happen… without cheating,” she joked.

In one scene, the actor is clearly exasperated during an intense cook when she lays on the floor and says, “I just need to breathe for a minute.”

However, it appears Rebecca is underselling herself because the teaser also revealed a stunning review from judge Melissa Leong.

“Rebecca, that was pure unadulterated joy,” gushed Mel.

Regardless of the stars ultimate outcome, the Wanted actor seems to have had the time of her life on the show.

Watch Rebecca’s MasterChef teaser below.

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Accompanying the video, Rebecca shared a caption detailing her journey and she credits her son, Zac, for encouraging her to give it a go.

“And so it begins… One of the most challenging emotionally intense roller coaster experiences of my life and I have to thank Zac for making me do it. I laughed, I cried, I may have sworn – sorry Mum 🤷‍♀️😬and I made friends for life. I truly had the most wondrous time.

“(Thank you to my dear friend @jane_l_kennedy for being my cooking mentor throughout ♥️🙏🏻) and thank you to the entire production team on @masterchefau – I literally couldn’t have done it without you all♥️ and I will never forget this time. Coming soon to ten.”

One of the “friends for life” Rebecca dedicated part of her message to is likely to be Gordon Ramsay’s daughter Tilly.

Bec with her son Zac who she credits for encouraging her to compete on the show.

(Credit: Instagram)

The 19-year-old, who also competed on the show, stole Rebecca’s heart during their time bonding on set.

In early July, the 56-year-old shared a selfie looking at ease as she stood close together with Tilly for a sweet moment.

“This girl 🙌🏻😍If I had a daughter, I’d want her to be just like @tillyramsay. All class, all heart and an utter ray of sunshine,” wrote Bec alongside the picture.

Unfortunately, the new friends are separated now Tilly has returned to her home in London.

“All class, all heart and an utter ray of sunshine.”

(Credit: Instagram)

Bec commemorated their bittersweet departure in July by penning an emotional message praising Tilly.

“This sweetheart @tillyramsay has just landed back in the UK, and I just wanted to say on behalf of those of us lucky to be in her orbit for the last little while what an absolute pleasure it has been. See you very soon, gorgeous girl. And SO loved the look on your mums face 😭😭😭,” she shared.

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