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Parental Guidance: “influencer” parents Jonathan and Kat love that social media has made them stars

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The Clarks are the number one TikTok-creating family in Australia. It’s turned their children into social media stars – but their success has created its share of challenges.

Kat and Jonathan – the “Influencer” parents on the second season of Parental Guidance – have found 11-year-old’s Deja’s transition to high school tough due to her “huge fan base”.

They are the number on TikTok-creating family in Oz.

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They’ve had to sit down with her teachers and prepare them for what to expect from other students.

“They [other students] get really excited Deja is at their school. They want to take photos with her,” Kat, 36, tells TV WEEK. “[But] I don’t want any photos of Deja’s school uniform online. We’re even thinking about home-schooling her.”

Kat boasts 4.4 million followers and 257 million “likes” on the platform. Just behind her is daughter Latisha, 18, with 1.6 million followers, husband Jonathan, 40, with 287,700 followers, and Deja with 273,000 Instagram followers.

“Our kids come to us about anything.”

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Because Kat and Jonathan know social media is here to stay, rather than restricting their children’s online access, they integrate it into their lives. They find it promotes honesty.

“Our kids come to us about anything before they even go to their friends,” Kat shares.

With social media enabling the traditional idea of what a family business looks like to shift, Jonathan declares it’s a great way to help their children develop an entrepreneurial mindset.

“School is important, but a lot of people in the world have made successes of themselves outside of that realm,” Jonathan says.

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“It gives the girls an insight into other opportunities they can pursue if university isn’t for them.”

While online trolling remains a risk for influencers, Kat and Jonathan are teaching their children to have a thick skin when it comes to cyber-critics.

“One comment we received mocked us about the size of our foreheads,” Kat admits. “My daughter and I had the biggest laugh, because we think it’s hilarious someone would get that upset about one of our body parts.”

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