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MAFS’ Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie reunite after shock split

They seem to be adamant on staying friends.
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Married At First Sight stars Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie have reunited, just months after announcing their sudden split in August.

Olivia flew to Melbourne on the weekend to support her ex in a boxing match against Daniel Holmes and Brent Vitiello.

“Couldn’t be more proud!” Olivia wrote.

Fans took to the comments to send their love to the former couple.

Fans love seeing them reunite!

(Image: Instagram)

After months of speculation, Olivia finally addressed what when down during her breakup with has Jackson Lonie in September.

The controversial MAFS couple announced they’d gone their separate ways, prompting fans to speculate who pulled the pin on their relationship.

Olivia took to Instagram to reveal she and Jackson broke up “amicably”.

Olivia hit back at claims she was “dumped” by Jackson.

(Image: Instagram)

“I understand people like to think that I got ‘dumped’ but it wasn’t like that at all,” she penned.

“We’re adults. We had an adult conversation about how the relationship wasn’t working for either of us and we both came to the resolution that splitting up was the only thing left to do.

“There’s no ‘juicy’ story. There’s no truth to the ‘haha he dumped you’ comments people say. It was a peaceful, joint decision.”

Olivia went on to say that if Jackson were to get into a new relationship straight away, she said: “Never say never… but no, probably not.”

Olivia and Jackson broke up “amicably” in August.

(Image: Instagram)

“It’s absolutely none of my business. Just like what I’m up to is none of his. I’d hope she was nice though,” the reality star said.

Olivia also shed light on her life as a single woman, saying it’s “crazy” how fast her life has changed recently.

“Less than a month ago my whole future was meant to be with Jackson. Now it’s about rebuilding myself (yet again),” she said.

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“I’m okay. I’m sad that the life Jack and I thought we were going to have is no longer a reality, but optimistic that we will both find exactly what we’re looking for.”

Olivia’s candor came after she revealed she had joined the dating app Hinge to embrace her newfound singleness, but has since deleted the app after revealing she had ‘given up’.

But now the former MAFS star has found love elsewhere! Olivia has revealed few details about the new mystery man, she has confessed that they’ve been familiar since her early 20s.

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