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Melissa Rawson reveals what MAFS’ latest “villain” Olivia Frazer is really like in real life

''A TV persona that has been edited.''
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Melissa Rawson has shared some surprising insights about the season nine cast of Married At First Sight, revealing exactly what she thinks of “villain” Olivia Frazer.

During an Instagram Q&A session on Monday, the new mum-of-two carefully sidestepped questions about Olivia’s involvement in the OnlyFans photo scandal with fellow bride Domenica Calarco.

“I won’t comment on the show and how both girls acted/[were] perceived by the public. I can only comment on a person when I meet them. I’ve not met Dom so I don’t know what she’s like,” Melissa wrote in a caption on her Instagram Stories.

Melissa has weighed in on the drama between Olivia and Domenica.

(Image: Instagram/Nine)

However, she did tell fans what she thought of Olivia, who reportedly lost her job and was expelled from university after her season aired.

“I have met Olivia… she was nothing but polite and very sweet and I appreciated that she didn’t speak about Dom or say anything nasty.”

She also debunked rumours that she and Bryce had been paid to pose for recent paparazzi photos with Olivia, but confessed some stars do make a bit of cash on the side from setting up paparazzi shots.

WATCH: MAFS’ Olivia and Domenica get into a heated argument. Story continues after video.

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“People do get paid because they reach out to paps and tell them where they’re going to be for a fee, you would be shocked,” she said.

In fact, fans recently accused Olivia and boyfriend Jackson Lonie of staging photos at a Sydney jeweller to draw attention away from Olivia’s TV antics.

After experiencing her own share of drama on her and fiancé Bryce Ruthven’s season of the show, Melissa is all too familiar with the toll a TV scandal can take on people.

When fans asked if she had watched Olivia and Dom’s full season, the mum admitted she only managed to sit through a few episodes as it was “difficult to watch”.

Melissa shared some thoughts on the season nine cast of MAFS on Instagram.

(Image: Instagram)

“I have heard so much about the current cast, it makes my head spin – but it’s not my place to pass judgement as I don’t know them personally and everyone deserves respect and kindness,” she wrote.

“I’m not willing to judge someone until I meet them in person – not a TV persona that has been edited.”

She may have been subtly referring to her own fiancé’s TV treatment, as she and Bryce have long claimed that he received a less than flattering edit on their season of MAFS.

Despite appearing to struggle in their on-screen marriage, along with social media accusations of gaslighting and manipulation, the couple continued dating after the show wrapped and even got engaged in 2021.

Melissa and Bryce with their sons, Levi and Tate.

(Image: Instagram)

They welcomed their first children together that same year, twin sons Levi and Tate, who arrived 10 weeks premature and spent two months in hospital before their parents could finally take them home.

Since then, most of Melissa’s life has been devoted to breastfeeding, changing nappies and getting her boys on a solid sleep schedule, but the mum said she’s also trying to make time for herself.

“I’m doing my best to rediscover myself as an individual (separate to MAFS and being a mum),” she added.

The reality star also confirmed that she and Bryce have no plans to add to their brood any time soon, telling fans they have “no more babies planned” as “two is perfect” for them.

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