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PICTURE EXCLUSIVE: MAFS’ Mike Gunner hits the beach with his new girlfriend

Mike has already found love with a new blonde beauty - and these latest pictures of the pair's steamy beach date have broken Heidi's heart.
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Despite committing to each other at the final vows ceremony, electrician Mike Gunner and radio personality Heidi Latcham saddened fans when they arrived solo at the show’s dinner party reunion.

And while Mike’s emotional final chat with Heidi the night after had viewers pondering whether they’d rekindle their love, it appears the controversial groom was only playing up for the cameras – as Woman’s Day can reveal he’s long since moved on!

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In our exclusive pictures, Mike Gunner, 43, is seen getting close with Jessica Williamson, a fly-in, fly-out truck driver, on the Gold Coast’s Main Beach last week.

“They were all over each other!” reveals one beachgoer.

Heidi, who? (Image: Exclusive/Instar)

Pucker up. (Image: Exclusive/Instar)

Mike and Jess suss out the surf. (Image: Exclusive/Instar)

“He was really affectionate with her and she was loving it. You could tell they had genuine chemistry.”

Mike was previously linked to Casey Stewart, 26, who’s the daughter of Gina Stewart – aka “The World’s Hottest Grandma.”

Jessica Williamson is a a fly-in, fly-out truck driver,. (Image: Exclusive/Instar)

Jess caught Mike’s attention in a pink string bikini. (Image: Exclusive/Instar)

However he recently denied their relationship.

“She’s a great-looking girl and I’m sure she’s a lovely person, but I’ve got nothing to do with her.”

“He was really affectionate with her and she was loving it.” (Image: Exclusive/Instar)

“You could tell they had genuine chemistry.” (Image: Exclusive/Instar)

Bit hungry there, Mike? (Image: Exclusive/Instar)

News of Mike’s new relationship is said to have come as a shock to his former bride, with a source close to Heidi Latcham, 38, telling Woman’s Day she had much bigger hopes for their relationship.

“She’s been left heartbroken by the entire process,” the friend reveals.

Mike could barely keep his hands off Jessica. (Image: Exclusive/Instar)

Practicing a beach-side proposal? (Image: Exclusive/Instar)

“She really put herself out there for him, but just when it seemed the right time to give things another shot, he’s involved with someone else.”

Last week, once-smitten Mike and Heidi unfollowed each other on Instagram, while Heidi has taken time out from posting anything on social media.

Mike was one of the most polarising stars of the season. (Image: Exclusive/Instar)

The reality star is now trying to launch his podcast career. (Image: Exclusive/Instar)

Mike seems smitten with Jessica. (Image: Exclusive/Instar)

The friend goes on to explain that Heidi has vowed to wipe Mike from her life entirely and has avoided all forms of contact with him.

And while Heidi tried her best to put on a brave face at her close friends Jules Robinson and Cam Merchant’s engagement do, the insider says her messy split from Mike has made things a bit awkward for Cam, who was good friends with the Gold Coast surfer.

The pair share a romantic moment in the water. (Image: Exclusive/Instar)

Who needs the experts after all? (Image: Exclusive/Instar)

This looks like a scene straight out of Home and Away (Image: Exclusive/Instar)

Meanwhile, since the show wrapped Mike has been busy trying to launch his podcast career.

Last week the electrician went live with the Mike Gunner Podcast but the response has been lukewarm.

All aboard the Mike express! (Image: Exclusive/Instar)

Jess plants a kiss on her man’s cheek. (Image: Exclusive/Instar)

Mike asked his followers to send in questions, some of which he answered during a casual sit-down chat in front of a brick wall, covered in graffiti.

But don’t expect him to be dishing the dirt on what really happened behind the scenes on MAFS.

Here’s hoping Mike’s finally found a keeper. (Image: Exclusive/Instar)

Heidi will be shattered by these latest developments. (Image: Channel 9)

“Oh by the way, in case you were wondering, I can’t really talk about you-know-what, the thing that rhymes with GAFS, because I’m just not allowed to,” Mike said.

As for Heidi, she’s returned to her successful career in radio and has been posing up a storm and showing off her killer body.

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