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“All hail Queen Poh! What an honour it is to know you”: MasterChef contestants pay tribute to Poh Ling Yeow after her shock elimination

Poh, you are a national treasure.
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MasterChef fan-favourite Poh Ling Yeow is responsible for millions of Australians gaining a few more grey hairs over the last few months, thanks to her down-to-the-wire cooking risks on the Back To Win season this year.

But on Sunday night there was an outpouring of sadness from viewers, the show’s judges and Poh’s fellow contestants, as the 47-year-old cook was finally eliminated, narrowly missing out a spot in the top five.

“I’ve had such a fantastic time. It’s been such a joy to cook with these guys and it’s really humbling to be around them,” Poh said following her elimination, breaking down in tears as she reflected on her time on the show.

Judge Melissa Leong later described the Jamface founder as a “national treasure”.

“Poh, you are a national treasure,” Melissa said.

“Every day we could be guaranteed we’d get all of your heart, all of your soul, all of your love and all of your commitment.

“You’ve absolutely won our hearts all over again. You’ve always fought to show and represent who you are and to be proud of your heritage, and I think millions of people around the world see that and understand that and love you for that even more.”

Poh broke down as she reflected on her time on MasterChef.

(Image: Channel 10)

Poh’s fellow MasterChef contestants later took to Instagram following her elimination, praising the star for her amazing cooking efforts and celebrating their friendships.

“This is me and Aunty @pohlingyeow six years ago,” pasta queen Laura Sharrad wrote alongside a cute throwback selfie of her and Poh.

“I am blessed to have her as a mentor, an inspiration & a friend. A truly talented lady, a go getter & the reason why I am where I am today … you inspired me 6 years ago to apply … and to do this again with you, has been one of the most rewarding experiences. It’s been an honour to cook alongside you . You are a true Queen PohPoh 💕”.

This snap of Laura and Poh was taken back in 2013.

(Image: Instagram)

Emelia Jackson, who is currently the favourite pipped to take home the MasterChef trophy, posted her own tribute to her co-star on Instagram.

“All hail Queen Poh!” Emelia wrote, alongside a cute selfie of the pair.

“What an honour it is to know you.”

Emelia said it was an “honour” to know Poh.

(Credit: Instagram)

Dessert king Reynold Poernomo posted a heartfelt tribute to Poh, saying it was a “privilege” to work with her”.

“It still blows my mind that I used to watch you on the first season and given the privilege to cook alongside you this year, but especially that you’re now someone I can call a dear friend,” Reynold wrote on Instagram.

Reynold posted this hilarious snap of him and Poh joking around with fake moustaches.

(Image: Instagram)

Judge Jock Zonfrillo also paid tribute to the star chef.

“Poh … it’s been a hell of a ride,” Jock commented on Poh’s Instagram account on Sunday night.

“I’ve never experienced the levels of anxiety and elation at the same time than during your time in the MasterChef kitchen! I feel grateful to call you a friend and so thankful to have eaten your food over the past months. See you soon xxx.”

Jock wrote this heartfelt comment on Poh’s Instagram page.

(Image: Instagram)

Poh’s other co-stars Callum Hann and eliminated star Harry Foster, with Harry calling Poh an “incredible and interesting woman.”

Callum reposted this tribute to Poh.

(Image: Instagram)

“You are such an incredible and interesting woman. I’m so glad that I got the pleasure to spend time with you,” Harry wrote.

(Image: Instagram)

According to betting agency Sportsbet, Emelia Jackson is currently the favourite tipped to win the competition, leading the odds at $1.37.

She is then followed by Reynold at $3.50, Laura at $4.75. Callum and Reece Hignell trail behind with much lower odds.

WATCH BELOW: See the moment Julie Goodwin beat Poh Ling Yeow on MasterChef back in 2009.

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