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Who will claim the first winning title?
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MasterChef’s Dessert Masters was on the search for the best culinary talent, local and globally.

In the finale, Reynold, Jess and Gareth were tested on their service by making a two-course dessert for fifteen people and the judges. Only one scored 35/40 and won the competition…

Gareth Whitton is Australia’s first MasterChef’s Dessert Masters winner!

(Credit: Channel 10)

Gareth Whitton took home the $100,000 prize money and has become Australia’s first MasterChef: Dessert master.

Gareth is a renowned Pastry Chef and co-founder of the cult Melbourne-based pastry shop, Tarts Anon.

Despite his exceptional success, he was still the underdog of the night after being pitted against two returning MasterChef contestants who definitely knew the kitchen better than him.

He won with a delectable rhubarb tart and despite criticism from judges Melissa Leong and Amaury Guichon for his plating, the taste won them over.

The dessert finished with a wattleseed and chocolate mousse earning immense praise from Amaury, “I know why he was going nuts in the kitchen, there’s so much going on here. This is amazing.”

Gareth won the competition with three scores of nine and one eight, beating his opponent, Reynold by seven points.

He was in total shock after the win, “It’s surreal, I never expected to be here at the finale. Full credit to the guys, it was such a good cook today. This is unreal, it’s out of this world.”

MasterChef Dessert Masters judges, Melissa Leong and Amaury Guichon were cutthroat during the finale.

(Credit: Channel 10)

Eliminated contestants Anna Polyviou, Andy Bowdy, and Kirsten Tibballs shared their own thoughts on who they believed would be victorious to TV Week and our sister publication WHO.

Despite Andy, Kirsten and Anna believing Reynold would be triumphant, Anna admitted, “Gareth is also the underdog, he’s doing really, really well.”

Speaking to TV Week, Gareth revealed his grand plans for his patisserie and coffee shop after his Dessert Masters victory.

“We’re about to launch [Tarts Anon’s] Christmas menu that’s going to go live on 1st December. […] We also just launched our pre-order for our book which is going to be released in August next year which is really exciting”.

Gareth also said he’s hoping to launch his own personal brand, saying, “We want to kind of use the show as a way to raise my own and the business’ profile. I think you’ve got to make a bit of hay where the sun shines and I think right now the sun is shining”.

Pre-order Tarts Anon’s cookbook from Booktopia here.

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