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Spoilers! Here is every single celebrity rumoured to be on The Masked Singer 2022

A crocodile wrangler and a drag queen? Find out!
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The first three costumes for The Masked Singer’s 2022 series have been revealed and we can’t help but guess who the Thong, Mirrorball, and Zombie are.

Previous winners Cody Simpson, Bonnie Anderson and Anastacia, all blew our socks off with stellar performances but our favourite moments are when host Osher Gunsberg reveals those niche celebs we may have forgotten.

So far, we’ve cheered for throwback icons like Nikki Webster, George Calombaris, and Axel Whitehead, but what about this year?

Season four is about to feel a lot different, with Abbie Chatfield, Mel B, and Chrissie Swan joining Dave Hughes as judges.

But which celebs are going to christen this new team of four? Let’s get guessing!

Thong – Robert Irwin

The Thong is quintessentially Australian, and you know what, or rather who, else is an Aussie icon? Robert Irwin.

Besides being a croc wrangler, he is also a keen musician and in July 2020 revealed on Instagram he can play the guitar.

“I’ve had a lot of fun taking up this new art,” he told his followers at the time.

Rob is also camera ready as he has spent his life with film crews filming his conservation work so we think he will be a natural.

We can just see it now!

(Image: Ten/Instagram)

Mirrorball – Courtney Act…or maybe Taylor Swift

Swifites know that no reference to her songs is an accident. So, a mirrorball themed contestant MUST be an Easter egg to her song Mirrorball? Ergo, Taylor Swift is going to be on The Masked Singer! Ok, we know we’re reaching for the stars.

But after years of rumours, we think it’s time Courtney Act makes her debut – and the famous Queen has everything it takes to win.

She’s a triple threat who can pull off the best looks, tunes, and moves in the game, and if we learnt anything from her stints on Dancing With The Stars when the mirrorball is on her, there is no denying she’s a star.

With a new show to promote called Courtney’s Closet, this may be her time to strike.

Under the spotlight, Courtney’s going to have her moment.

(Image: Instagram/Ten)

Zombie – Amy Shark

Amy Shark simply didn’t get enough airtime on Celebrity Apprentice, and we think she can make up for that lost time by going on The Masked Singer.

Plus, something tells us this artist who beats to her own drum would take on zombie duties epically.

We simply need more Amy on our screens.

(Image: Ten/Instagram)

Shannon Noll

The first-ever Australian Idol runner-up is bound to appear on the show at some point, and we think its fourth season may just be it!

Fans have their hopes up for the Australian Idol runner up.

(Image: Instagram)

A Veronica or two?

Imagine if both Lisa and Jessica Origliasso popped up in the same season – our minds would be blown twice.

Of course, the twins, who had a taste for reality TV when they starred on Celebrity Apprentice in 2021 have kept a relatively low profile as of late, so this may be a stretch, but fans of the tiny boppers can have dreams too.

The icons would keep us on our toes.

(Image: Instagram)

David Campbell

The Today Extra host’s sister Mahalia Barnes already competed on the show, so it’s only logical that the whole clan appears on The Masked Singer at some point.

We think this year is it for David, especially after he hosted the TV WEEK Logie’s red carpet. He is known for dancing with his colleague Belinda Russell every morning, so a show like this is right up his alley.

David’s sister Mahalia appeared on the show.

(Image: Getty)

Natalie Imbruglia

We’re torn on this one!

We can’t believe she hasn’t been on the show yet, but since pop sensation Olivia Rodrigo covered her hit, Natalie’s name is back in shining lights around the world. She already wowed as Panda on the UK version of the series – so it only makes sense she heads back down under for an encore.

She was on the UK version so it’s time she headed down under.

(Image: Instagram)
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