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MAFS Reunion Bombshells: Martha hints at fireworks to come with Cyrell at next week’s reunion

“There was more drama at the reunion than in the entire season!”
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We thought we’d seen it all, but after multiple wife swaps and explosive showdowns, Martha says this year’s MAFS finale will go down as the most shocking episode to date.

“There was more drama at the reunion than in the entire season,” she tells TV WEEK. “It was so intense. I was dreading it and, in hindsight, it was for good reason.”

Martha, 30, says she was over the drama by the end of the series – in particular, her long-running feud with Cyrell, which culminated in an explosive argument that saw Cyrell smash a bowl and try to attack her.

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Despite clearing the air with Cyrell, Martha hints at yet another run-in with the outspoken star.

“You just never know with her,” she explains. “Anything can trigger her. She just doesn’t like me. Watching the show back, she always saw Michael by my side and sticking up for me and she just didn’t have that with Nic.

“I think that’s why she had so much resentment towards me – because she wanted what I had,” Martha continues. “I don’t think she was jealous of me but maybe of having someone support you.”

Martha claims Cyrell was ‘resentful’ of her relationship with Michael.

Of course, viewers have seen the trailer for Sunday and Monday night’s reunion episodes, which show Martha pouring a glass of wine over Cyrell.

While we don’t yet know what sparks the outburst from Martha – and the resulting rage from Cyrell – we do know the MAFS star didn’t expect to have a problem with her co-star at the reunion.

“Cyrell had messaged me, we had spoken,” Martha reveals. “We were on good terms when her and Nic left. I wasn’t worried.”

As for why the relationship turned sour again at the reunion, Martha says Cyrell must have ‘changed her mind.’

“I guess she must’ve had time to think about it all and changed her mind, I don’t know.”

Cyrell chases after Martha after the wine pouring incident.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth admits she too had reservations about returning for the finale after her ex-husband Sam’s affair with Ines was exposed earlier in the series.

“It wasn’t something I was particularly looking forward to,” Elizabeth, 27, says.

In fact, she wasn’t interested in making amends – with either of them.

“It [what Sam did] wasn’t OK on so many levels. It’s not OK to treat women like that. I imagine he was scared to see me.

“Ines tried to contact me after the reunion,” she adds. “But I ignored it”.

Married At First Sight airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine.

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