Married At First Sight

A rumour sparks an explosive clash between Martha and Cyrell on Married At First Sight

“She came after me!”

By Zara Zubeidi
Whispers of a feud brewing between Martha and Cyrell have been circulating for some time. This week on Married At First Sight, their spat blows up in the social experiment's most explosive physical showdown to date – leaving producers no option but to intervene.
"She was like a wild animal," Martha, 30, reveals to TV WEEK. "I'd never encountered someone so aggressive in my life. The look on her face was so intense. She really wanted to get to me."
Martha admits tension has been simmering for some time. However, their feud comes to a head when Cyrell gets wind of a nasty rumour – and she believes Martha is the source.
Cyrell is not impressed by a nasty rumour.
In a previous chat with TV WEEK, Cyrell, 29, branded Martha a "b---h". But Martha can't understand why Cyrell dislikes her so much.
"I don't know what her problem is," Martha says. "She keeps calling me fake, but I always say what I think.
"At the start, we actually got on really well. I see similarities between us: we're very strong and independent, we don't bite our tongue and we're not going to just sit there and be a doormat."
Martha and Cyrell butt heads on MAFS.
Cyrell's on-screen husband Nic finds their rivalry just as baffling.
"I think it's because Martha has been involved in a lot of the rumours that have come out throughout the experiment," Nic, 28, explains.
"But there was a lot of bad blood between them and I don't know why."
Nic wasn't impressed by Cyrell's antics.
Whatever the case, Nic says he "wasn't happy" with Cyrell's behaviour this week.
"I was filthy with her over it," he says. "It was next-level. It was too much; it was inappropriate and ridiculous.
"I was disappointed it got to that stage. It just makes me wonder how she'll react in certain situations."
Married At First Sight airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, Nine Network.

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